Light dramatically enhances these vital gateways to not only create safe and pleasant infrastructure but also turn them into iconic architectural landmarks. 

Customise the lighting on your bridge to not only connect people on a functional level but also on an emotional level. 
Our carefully balanced lighting designs enable you to:

  • Provide a secure and comfortable passage for motorists by respecting the lighting standards on the bridge deck
  • Guarantee performance over time with robust luminaires that resist vibrations and harsh climates 
  • Preserve local wildlife by eliminating light spill 
  • Control the light according to use or special events 
  • Stay true to your identity with a range of classical and contemporary luminaires
  • Create a powerful urban landmark with a multi-level visual experience from the bridge, riverbanks, nearby buildings and air. 

Find out more about our products and the many bridges we have lit below to see how we could help you.