Our soul

We bring meaningful moments to people by enhancing safety, well-being and sustainability in public spaces

As the leading independent outdoor lighting solution provider worldwide, we believe that lighting can empower people, impact lives, support communities, and transform spaces, cities and the planet.
We are experts at using light to its fullest potential, to bring meaningful moments to people in public spaces.

We love our customers

Our purpose always has been to deliver an extraordinary experience for you.
For the past 115 years, our committed teams have forged solid partnerships with our customers, building up long-term relationships that enable us to understand the local environment and its specificities.
Every customer is different. Thanks to our local approach, we can help ideate and implement their projects. 
By establishing local teams, we accompany our customers along every step of their project to develop meaningful public spaces where people want to spend time.


Although we are a global company, we are local in our approach

Our success is built locally with our customers and our suppliers.
This proximity enables us to design and manufacture performing and qualitative products and systems.
Everything we develop in our seven research and development centres is to help you achieve your goals and aspirations.
We are local and close to you in over 70 countries, enabling us to harness with you all that light can improve from citizens well-being to nature preservation. 

At Schréder, we have been at the forefront of innovation throughout our history

Innovation always for the same purpose: use technologies to enable safer, more sustainable spaces with well-being for everyone at the centre.
Innovation is the process by which we unlock the potential to address society's big challenges.
At Schréder we strive to innovate in a way that puts our expertise in the hands of our local customer, co-creating solutions that benefit society as a whole.
As such, we support fair business models, by promoting and developing open and interoperable solutions, promoting collaboration and training while adding meaningful value to our customers through services. With Lightability™ we push the limits of our technology beyond lighting applications to accompany communities throughout the world to better manage their assets, reduce their spending, while preserving their identity and their environment (all of this by engaging with city leaders and implementing state-of-the-art solutions).

Next generation thinking for a sustainable future

The principle of our family company is to hand it over from generation to generation, with each generation contributing to making the business and its surrounding communities healthier and better. Our commitment to sustainability is based on this next-generation thinking: we continually innovate and change the way we look at the world through entrepreneurship.
From energy efficiency at the advent of electricity to making cities more resilient in the age of data, Schréder constantly adapts its sustainability policy to help communities face their bigger challenges. 
Today, we are working with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), focusing on 3 main axes:

  • being responsible for our planet by reducing our own and our customer’s environmental impact;
  • helping communities by improving the societal impact of our products and services for people, fauna, and flora;
  • enabling our people and our stakeholders to grow and develop with respect, equality and dignity.