Sports lighting solutions

Schréder has a wealth of experience in providing smart sports lighting solutions for local clubs through to large stadia. Our highly qualified experts transform indoor and outdoor sports facilities into safe, comfortable and sustainable environments that comply with the relevant sporting standards. In close collaboration with you, we provide full scope solutions, including the installation and commissioning. They deliver engaging experiences for players and visitors and operational benefits for sports club managers. We are the extra player on your team so you can:


Ensure the right sports lighting that complies with national and international standards to guarantee safety, visibility and comfort while limiting light pollution to preserve dark skies and good community relations. 
Benefit from full scope solutions, including floodlights, accessories and control systems, for inside and outside your sports facilities. 


Quickly upgrade your sports facilities thanks to our easy to install, light and low EPA, plug & play, scalable solutions, for new and existing infrastructure.
Easily adapt the lighting to the different needs of the community with the wireless Schréder ITERRA app. Create even more memorable and exciting moments with dynamic lighting scenarios. 


Reduce costs thanks to our low energy and maintenance solutions without compromising on the quality of light so you can extend opening hours and win new members. 
The right lighting study, state-of-the-art optics and robust designs will guarantee the right solution at the right price that will go the distance.