Can sports facilities stay ahead of the game with a smart lighting system?

Cedric Collard - Schréder Sports Segment Manager
Cédric Collard
Business Segment Manager - Industry & Large area

Let's be clear... Putting all your energy into a sport should only make an impact on the sport itself, not the sports clubs' electricity bill. 
Fortunately, the current transition to LED lighting has already enabled sports facility managers to make significant energy savings. 
In this blog, we'll look at how a smart sports lighting system can help achieve even greater savings, particularly by taking advantage of its flexibility.

Adjust sports lighting to real needs

The life of a local football club revolves around frequent training sessions and regular matches or occasional events. Is it really necessary to light all the football pitches at all times and with the same intensity? Of course not. And it's precisely in this context that smart sports lighting proves to be a real winner.

Equipped with this technology, club managers could easily decide to reduce lighting levels during training sessions. Equally, they could just as easily increase the levels during matches to comply with sports federations' standards and ensure that the players feel comfortable and can concentrate on the game.

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By the same token, what would sports ground managers gain by being able to group LED floodlights? A smart management system would allow them to do just that, lighting only the areas they need. Even a section of the pitch, as is often the case during training sessions. Combined with LED sports lighting, this system would be an effective way to control energy consumption and make additional savings on electricity bills.

Sports clubs could also jump at the opportunity to programme customised lighting scenarios for specific events. Sports facility managers would then have one defined lighting configuration for all possible uses - training, matches and even dynamic light shows in the event of a victory, for example. The different scenarios could be triggered by a calendar. Imagine how convenient it would be if the day-to-day management of sports facilities could be automated, even in the absence of those in charge, by means of a simple switch or a simple, user-friendly application on your mobile phone or tablet.

In the province of Liège in Belgium, this smart lighting system has become a reality for the managers of local football clubs Tilff and Houtain.

Smart sports lighting enables Houtain football club to adjust lighting to real needs

We are delighted with the lighting control system, which enables us to manage the luminaires in a simple and optimal way. 

Philippe Léonard
Expenditure Manager – A.S. Houtain-Milanello

Technology that's easy to install...

Gaining flexibility is one thing, but what about implementing such a smart system? If sports managers have to spend all the savings gained from using less energy on cabling, what would be the point? 

This is precisely where a smart lighting system like Schréder ITERRA comes into play. Thanks to today's wireless technologies - known as "plug and play" - installation does not require any digging or complicated commissioning.

and to use...

One of the key factors in the adoption of such technology is its ease of use. Jean-Paul Colson, President of the Blegny BMX Club, can confirm this user-friendliness. When installing lighting on the BMX tracks in Liège, his goal was to enable riders to practise their sport in a friendly, fun and safe environment all year round and at any time of the day.

I was surprised at how easy it was to use the Schréder ITERRA app. I just installed it and was able to use it straightaway.

Jean-Paul Colson - BMX'in Park Blegny - Belgium
Jean-Paul Colson
President - BMX'ing Park Blegny
Thanks to Schréder ITERRA, BMX Blegny can adapt the lighting on the tracks wherever and whenever it needs

And with good reason! To manage the lighting on the track, all he had to do was download the Schréder ITERRA application from the Apple Store or Google Play. Managers can control the lighting or delegate limited use to a member of staff. All from a smartphone, tablet or connected watch via an intuitive, easy-to-use platform.

... in complete safety!

This wireless technology uses a Bluetooth connection. It can also be controlled remotely by installing an Internet gateway, as is the case with the lighting at the Éric Choteau sports complex and the Tilff football club.

Whichever connection you choose, both comply with the IoXt standard for IoT security, meaning they are isolated from the outside world and completely secure.

A technology with nothing but advantages?

The answer is yes, if you believe the sports facility managers who have adopted it. While this remote management solution for sports lighting is very user-friendly, it is based on cutting-edge technologies that offer maximum flexibility and savings for a rapid return on investment. Based on the main industry standards, it guarantees compatibility with future developments and scalability.

Ultimately, it can be an essential tool for managers who want to maximise benefits with the greatest peace of mind. The name of this smart lighting system for sports facilities? Schréder ITERRA

Available for indoor and outdoor sports facilities with Bluetooth or Internet connection, it is a winning choice for all sports grounds when combined with LED sports floodlights. 

Want to get the ball rolling? Our teams are always available to help you light your sports facilities in a smart way. 

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