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Schréder EXEDRA LightSync

Adaptive street lighting

Automatically adjust lighting levels to real-time traffic and weather conditions. Keep road users safe, save energy and reduce light pollution.

It is a very flexible solution. We only have to set up the remote management and the rest is done by computer.

Jérôme Luyet
Outdoor Lighting Manager at OIKEN

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A sensor-free solution

Unlike traditional systems, Schréder EXEDRA LightSync relies on data rather than physical sensors, bringing a new era to adaptive lighting technology. Skip the hardware. Stop worrying about events. Forget calendars. Just sync!

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More savings, more safety

Our adaptive street lighting solution provides a perfect balance, outperforming traditional static dimming profiles in terms of savings, while providing the right light at the right time, prioritising energy efficiency and user safety.

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A city can provide its citizens with the best possible lighting at all times, ensuring their safety and maximising savings, all without the need for sensors on-site, always in compliance with standards and at no major cost.

Guilherme Faria
Smart Lighting Solutions Manager at Schréder

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Data-driven precision

The Swiss are renowned for their quest for quality, precision, efficiency and respect for the environment. In Valais, this has led the local authorities to implement Schréder EXEDRA LightSync. This adaptive street lighting solution intelligently and continuously adjusts light levels, ensuring energy efficiency and minimising environmental impact. It sets a global benchmark and inspires cities to adopt this smart, sustainable lighting innovation.

Upgrade your Schréder EXEDRA project 

Any lighting installation controlled by Schréder EXEDRA can be easily upgraded to LightSync without any additional hardware requirements. A truly SMART solution, Schréder EXEDRA leverages its interoperability and powerful automation engine to synchronise street lighting according to real needs.

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