Unrivalled modular lighting solution for high-power industrial, tunnel, large area and sport applications


OMNISTAR is an unrivalled indoor and outdoor luminaire. It offers a fast ROI as it delivers efficient lighting with high energy savings and low maintenance requirements, even in the most demanding environments.
Thanks to its robust design, high impact resistance and low weight, the OMNISTAR LED luminaire can withstand high wind and vibrations. It has successfully passed the ball-throwing test, making it ideal for lighting warehouses, industrial halls, tunnels, sports arenas, airports, car parks, road and motorway junctions, toll plazas and even roundabouts.
An explosion-proof version is available for environments where it is required.
With recyclable parts and high-energy efficiency, OMNISTAR enables you to reduce your carbon footprint.
This lighting solution is proposed with various mounting accessories to suit the specific needs of your project.
OMNISTAR has various dimming options and is connected-ready for your future Smart City or Tunnel requirements.

  • Cost-effective LED lighting solution
  • Equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology for high performance, a long lifespan and an effective thermal management, the OMNISTAR guarantees a performing solution that will reduce energy and maintenance costs as well as decrease the quantity of luminaires that need to be installed.

  • Modular approach for performance and flexibility
  • This modular luminaire is available with a variety of mounting and inclination options. It can be surface mounted, suspended or installed on a high-mast with a bracket of one, two or three units.
    OMNISTAR can be fitted with BlastFlexTM, LensoFlex®2, LensoFlex®3 and LensoFlex®4 photometric engines, as well as reflectors (ReFlexoTM) for sports, tunnel and apron lighting applications. OMNISTAR also offers counter beam lighting solutions for tunnels.

  • Versatile lay-outs thanks to remote gears
  • With its remote gears, OMNISTAR enables any type of configuration, ensuring flexibility to manage crucial aspects such as weight, access, environment lay-out and footprint. It helps the design in demanding applications such as tunnels and high-mast installations. Quick connectors on both the luminaire and the gear box facilitate the installation.

  • A long-lasting solution
  • OMNISTAR is designed to operate reliably in every part of the world, even in the most extreme conditions. It offers a high tightness level and high impact/vibration resistance to maintain performance throughout its life cycle and reduce maintenance operations. OMNISTAR is also protected against electrical surge.

Industrial lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor environments

OMNISTAR is an ideal alternative for lighting a variety of indoor and outdoor industrial applications such as docks, warehouses, loading bays, industrial halls, and large car parks. It ensures low energy consumption, improved visibility with white light, limited maintenance, and a longer lifespan.
This LED luminaire has been designed to operate even in extreme temperatures such as hot production lines or cold warehouses.

Perfect for sports lighting

OMNISTAR is also perfect for lighting sport venues including large stadiums when excellent colour rendering and vertical illumination are required for high-definition TV recording and broadcasting, to avoid flickering and capture vivid images for viewers at home.
Available with precise photometric distributions, the OMNISTAR guarantees visual comfort, excellent visibility, uniformity and colour rendition for both the players and the spectators so that they may enjoy every minute.

Meeting the different tunnel lighting requirements

The OMNISTAR is an excellent alternative to HID lamps, providing the adequate lighting levels for the critical entrance area of a tunnel.
It is designed to meet the different tunnel lighting requirements with easy eye adaptation, low glare and excellent visibility for safety, while offering a low total cost of ownership.
With its optimised power/form factor and resistant housing, the OMNISTAR LED luminaire is built to withstand harsh operating conditions over time.
Thanks to a series of dedicated control systems, the OMNISTAR solution can provide various lighting scenarios for your tunnel.

Avoid any risk of danger with the explosion-proof version

A potentially explosive atmosphere exists when a mixture of air gases, vapours, mists, or dusts combine in a way that can ignite under certain operating conditions.
The OMNISTAR explosion-proof version was specifically designed for potentially volatile atmospheres, which can be found in offshore platforms, petrochemical plants, mines, flour mills and industrial halls.

OMNIBOX: flexibility and easiness

The OMNIBOX is a separate driver box that can be easily plugged in to an LED optical unit with quick connectors to facilitate both installation and access for maintenance operations. One OMNIBOX can host the drivers and power supply of up to 4 OMNISTAR luminaires.


Recommended installation height (m)
8.0 - 
Luminaire output flux (lm)
8200 - 
Power consumption (W)
73.0 - 
Luminaire efficacy - up to (lm/W)
Colour rendering index (CRI)
Upward Light Output Ratio (ULOR)
Tightness level
Impact resistance
All configurations
Operating temperature range (Ta)
-30°C up to +55°C / -22° F up to 131°F
Depending on the luminaire configuration. For more details, please contact us.

Dimensions and mounting

AxBxC (mm | inch)
532x80x530 | 20.9x3.1x20.9
Weight (kg | lbs)
14.0 | 30.8
Mounting possibilities
Side-entry slip-over – Ø76mm
Direct mounting on ceiling
Bracket enabling adjustable inclination
Surface mounting
Post-top slip-over – Ø76mm
Hook(s) for suspension
Post-top slip-over – Ø76-108mm

Control systems

OMNISTAR control options

OMNISTAR offers a series of dimming/control options:
• Custom dimming profile
• 1 - 10V
• Remote management
• DMX-RDM (entertainment)

OMNISTAR is connected-ready for your future Smart City or Tunnel requirements.

The OMNISTAR is also compatible with control systems for tunnels. The Advanced Tunnel Solution (ATS) has been designed to adapt the lighting levels according to conditions in the tunnel, to monitor the power consumption and to report any failures.

Control link

Installation and Maintenance

Easy installation of the optical units and gear box

The installation varies depending on the chosen version. OMNISTAR is composed of 1, 2 or 3 optical units, a remote gear box (OMNIBOX), cables with quick connectors and various mounting systems,
As an option, OMNISTAR is delivered with quick connectors for an effortless installation. The inclination angle can be easily adjusted on-site.
To facilitate mounting and maintenance, the OMNIBOX can be easily connected to the optical unit thanks to quick connectors.

Accessories and versions

Standard U bracket

The version with a steel wall bracket is available with fixations for post-top mounting on a Ø60 or Ø76-108mm pole or for side-entry mounting on a Ø60 or a Ø76mm spigot.

Large U bracket (wall mounting)

Thanks to the version with the large U bracket, the OMNISTAR is perfectly suitable for wall mounting.

Large U bracket (pole mounting)

The OMNISTAR can also be installed on a large U bracket for pole mounting with a U bolt (Ø76-108mm) or with a post-top adapter (for Ø60mm spigot).

Tiltable ceiling mounting

The tiltable ceiling version offers a higher flexibility for on-site adjustments when mounted on a ceiling

Fixed ceiling mounting

This version is ideal for ceiling installations that require the luminaire to stay in a fixed position.

Suspension chain

The suspension chain is perfect for indoor environments such as industrial halls.

2 optical units, tilted together

A post-top mounting on a Ø76-108mm pole is available for 2 optical modules that need to be tilted

2 optical units, tilted separately

Another alternative is having the two optical modules that are tilted separately with a side-entry mounting on a Ø76mm spigot.

3 optical units, tilted together

For environments requiring a higher lighting level, it is also possible to have three optical modules that can be tilted together. This version is designed for a post-top mounting on a Ø76-108mm pole.