Swinton Greenway

Smart and sustainable lighting to increase safety, enhance heritage and save energy

In the heart of Salford, a 4-mile route links the town of Swinton to Morton. This route is part of Transport for Greater Manchester's Bee Network, which aims to encourage local communities to make more sustainable travel choices such as walking and cycling and thus create healthier and more attractive neighbourhoods to live in.

Several unlit areas along the route were underused and were beginning to become a hotspot for anti-social behaviour such as vandalism. It was a major catalyst for Salford Council to launch a regeneration plan. At certain places the paths were widened, the surface was replaced and artwork and benches were installed to encourage people to dwell, rather than just pass through.

Salford City Council approached Schréder to provide a holistic energy-efficient lighting solution that would support their objectives and contribute to their decarbonisation initiatives.

Smart and sustainable lighting to encourage active mobility

After some good discussions with the team at the Council, we proposed a lighting solution with the energy-saving PILZEO, SCULPDOT and ALINEA LED luminaires. 

We chose the PILZEO to light the paths as it provides a safe and comfortable passage with a contemporary look. It directs the light directly to the areas where it is needed, limiting light pollution for the surrounding nature and sky.

The street lights are connected and controlled by motion sensors. The lighting is dimmed during the evening when no one is using the route. As soon as the sensors detect the presence of people, the light levels immediately increase to 100%. This smart lighting solution only lights up the path when needed, saving energy and helping the council reduce carbon emissions.

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Salford City Council

Schréder was chosen for its high-quality products and technology, which incorporates motion detection sensors to adjust lighting levels to ensure the local community feels safe using the route at all times of the day and night. This ensures a more energy-efficient use of lighting at times when pedestrian and cycle use is lower.

Andy Bullen
Street Lighting Team Leader – Salford City Council

Customised lighting solution to highlight heritage

Clifton Tunnel, an underpass under the A580, runs along the route. To brighten up this area and drive footfall, Salford City Council commissioned local artists Sally Gilford and Tasha Whittle to create an eye-catching mural to commemorate the heritage of the route as a disused railway line.

The ALINEA blends harmoniously into the walls to light this wide passageway. We designed an extremely robust housing to withstand the vibrations and any possible vandalism. Its high photometric performance provides the required lighting levels with high uniformity across the underpass, allowing pedestrians and cyclists to clearly see the route ahead and ensures that the artwork is visible from a distance.

The SCULPDOT was installed to illuminate the industrial features of the bridge structure and enhance the nocturnal ambiance of the area. Its stirrup bracket allows great flexibility and maximum uniformity. We fitted each floodlight and installed cages to protect them from potential impacts.

Both of these LED luminaires consume little energy to help reduce the city’s carbon footprint.

Connecting communities

Once a deterrent to night-time use, the route now facilitates sustainable travel and healthier lifestyles, reconnecting people and places. The new sustainable lighting has contributed to creating a bright, safe and welcoming route for walkers, runners, and cyclists alike. It has also reduced the Council's energy and maintenance costs and supports its decarbonisation initiatives. A smart solution for all.