Sybiraków Park

Smart lighting ensures a safe and enjoyable environment for the community while reducing the city’s energy consumption and carbon footprint

Built in the 1970s, Sybiraków Park was completely renovated and reopened in August 2023 as a green lung for the city of Walbrzych. The paving was replaced, thousands of bushes and trees were planted, benches and bike racks were installed and a playground and a multi-purpose sports field were built to create a sustainable park with a variety of spaces for the local community.

Sustainable lighting for a green lung

As the redesign of the park focused on creating a green oasis for people to spend time in, the local authorities requested green infrastructure. They wanted a sustainable lighting solution that would extend the day during the darker months and allow people of all ages to enjoy the facilities safely and securely without excessive energy costs.

They also specified that the lighting furniture should have an aesthetic design that would enhance the landscape both during the day and at night.

FLEXIA FG, a sophisticated luminaire that creates a quality nightscape

The FLEXIA FG luminaire, with its refined design and state-of-the-art technology, is the perfect lighting solution for this park. Equipped with the latest generation LEDs, it provides high-quality light with minimal energy consumption.

A total of 109 FLEXIA FG luminaires have been installed throughout the park. They ensure that the key routes and open spaces are well lit so that people are completely aware of their surroundings and can relax and enjoy themselves, especially parents with young children. 

The FLEXIA FG features a flat glass protector so that all the light is directed exactly where it is needed on the ground, with no light spill. It has been approved by the International Dark-Sky Association as a responsible lighting solution and will not disturb flora and fauna.

Smart lighting for real needs

All of the FLEXIA FG luminaires are equipped with the latest Owlet IV Zhaga controllers and connected to the Schréder EXEDRA platform. These controllers enable faster and more efficient communication between the luminaires, allowing local authorities to easily adjust lighting levels at any time.

The luminaires are also fitted with motion sensors. The lighting is dimmed by 80% during the night from 9pm to 4am when the park is empty but immediately increases to full light output when someone arrives, ensuring perfect visibility of the path and surroundings ahead. 

By adapting the lighting to actual needs, only the required energy is used, reducing the city’s energy consumption and carbon emissions.

FlexiWhite delivers tunable white light for the well-being of all

All of the luminaires are equipped with Schréder’s FlexiWhite solution to transform this urban oasis into a harmonious environment that respects the natural rhytmns of day and night, ensuring a safe and healthy park for people and wildlife.

The FlexiWhite solution adjusts the colour temperature throughout the night. From sunset to 9pm, the luminaires provide a warm white light (3,000K) for a relaxing environment as people of all ages wind down from their daily activities.

From 9pm to 4am when no-one is present, the colour temperature changes to a much warmer white (2,200K). The park is then lit with a soft light that is healthier for the local nocturnal wildlife. When the motion sensors detect people arriving, the colour temperature changes to 3,000K to ensure a safe walking environment.

Sustainable for low maintenance and a bright future

To ensure a low-maintenance park, high-quality materials have been used for durability and longevity. The FLEXIA FG is no exception and is even designed for a circular economy. It is composed of robust recyclable materials with an architecture that guarantees easy maintenance and refurbishment when required.

Thanks to Schréder EXEDRA, the luminaires are constantly monitored in real-time and any potential anomalies will be immediately reported to the local authorities who will be able to anticipate actions, avoiding unnecessary interventions on-site and optimising maintenance operations.

A design for every location

The FLEXIA FG has been installed on the modern EVENS bracket to light the pathways. This elegant ensemble provides a strong aesthetic cohesion and visual guidance for people as they travel through or enjoy the various spaces in the park. 

For the larger open areas, such as the playgrounds, the FLEXIA FG has been installed on double SOFIA brackets. They harmoniously integrate the spaces, complementing the benches without detracting from the play modules.

Value for the community

The newly renovated park undoubtedly provides a thriving public space for the local community, with smooth paths for active mobility, leisure areas and play spaces for all generations. 

We are delighted to have provided a sustainable lighting solution that transforms these spaces into safe and inviting environments for residents after the sun sets while respecting biodiversity and dark skies. It has enabled the local authorities to create a green lung in every sense of the word.