Pairi Daiza

Multi-functional lighting solution protects the biodiversity of this zoo while enhancing the nocturnal ambiance for visitors

Pairi Daiza, a privately-owned zoo and botanical garden located on the site of the former Cistercian Cambron Abbey in Brugelette, transports visitors on a journey around the world with animals from every corner. 

This 65-hectare large park, with many historic buildings and centuries-old trees, is home to more than 7,000 animals from around the world. Active in numerous scientific programs for the protection and breeding of endangered species, the owners hope to make visitors aware of the beauty and fragility of nature.

In 2018, the owners of the zoo which is constantly providing new discoveries for visitors, decided to extend the opening hours into the evening and provide themed evenings and various shows. With a hotel opening in 2019, they wanted guests to be able to visit the zoo at night and observe the animals. They needed a lighting solution that would:

  • preserve the biodiversity of the park and its exceptional landscape
  • fit discreetly into the landscape;
  • provide functional and atmospheric lighting;
  • act as a support for a PA system, WiFi and signposting.

The Shuffle, with its 5-star modularity, was the ideal lighting solution to meet their needs.

Domaine de Cambron


Pairi Daiza


Installation: F.J.C. METUBEL
Signage: Philippe Mahillon
Shuffle with light, WiFi, loudspeakers
Shuffle with light, WiFi, loudspeakers, signs
Shuffle with light, WiFi

Lighting to respect the biodiversity and support the growth of the zoo

The main criteria for the lighting was to not disturb the animals. The owners opted for 6m high Shuffles as well as 3.2m high “mini” Shuffles equipped with 3 lighting modules and sandblasted protectors. In collaboration with the zoo managers, our design office drew up a lighting plan including the installation points of the Shuffle for the entire site. 
The Shuffles are fitted with a 360° lighting module that delivers a soft, "moonlight" ambiance and a 180° module that accentuates certain areas and features to create stunning nocturnal elements. 

The sleek design of the luminaire was also an important aspect. It was vital that the luminaire did not impair the character of the park. The columns were painted in a specific colour, practically identical to corten steel so that they literally blend into the landscape.

Flexibility to meet specific needs

Conscious that people today want to share their experiences on social media and look up the Internet, the owners wanted to provide free WiFi throughout the site. The modularity of the Shuffle enabled the access points to be integrated in the column, providing a discreet yet aesthetic solution with no impact on the landscape. 

The owners also wanted to broadcast specific background music to immerse visitors in each world and to make announcements during the shows. Each column has been equipped with 2 high-performing loudspeakers to ensure a high-quality sound. 

The signposting in the park also had to be updated. As the zoo is continually growing and offering new services, an easy to use and flexible system was necessary. Conveniently located throughout the site, the Shuffle column was the ideal support for the signs. We created and integrated specific supports and fixing clips on the column so that the individual signs can be easily changed.

Sustainable lighting with an immersive experience

The new sustainable lighting installation is completely in line with the zoo's philosophy. By integrating the different features in a single column, the equipment is very discreet and does not visually impair the beautiful landscape, contributing to an extremely pleasant and immersive experience for visitors. It also enables the zoo to minimise its environmental footprint

Schréder is proud to have delivered a particularly flexible solution that enabled the owners of this zoo to achieve their vision whilst creating a highly sustainable environment after dark