Ile de Caen Redevelopment

Bespoke lighting ensemble to enhance identity and quality of redeveloped district

The Caen Peninsula, a former industrial zone has been underused for many years. In 2010, the local authorities decided to implement an ambitious urban renewal project and convert 300 hectares of wasteland around the cities of Caen, Mondeville and Hérouville into sustainable neighbourhoods with a high quality of life.

A masterplan was drawn up and one of the first sites to be rehabilitated was the 12 hectare “Ile de Caen” in 2017. This district opposite the port, surrounded by water, was redeveloped to create a significantly modern urban park to host many cultural and nautical events and to encourage active mobility with new pedestrian and cycle routes.  

The architect Michel Desvigne Agency and lighting designer, Agathe Argod wanted to break away from the classical lighting infrastructure found in surrounding areas. They wanted an unique space, both by day and by night. 



Caen Council


Architect: Michel Desvigne Agency
Lighting design: Agathe Argod
Photographer: Xavier Boymond

The original plan of this project was to redesign Ile de Caen as a park and break away from traditional luminaires. Thanks to the NIIL ensemble, this space is perceived as an unique space both by day and by night.

Agathe Argod
Lighting designer and founder of Scène Publique agency

Collaborative relationship 

The lighting furniture and the quality of light had to be the same throughout the new park. With her lighting vision in mind, Agathe Argod designed the NIIL column and selected the POSSESSION luminaire to complete the ensemble. She worked closely with Schréder STUDIO to ensure that the luminaire perfectly integrated this refined square column.

Original lighting for a visually appealing landscape

The NIIL column can integrate several luminaires with various optics depending on the configuration and the desired ambiance. The ensembles are installed as far back from the road as possible to create an clean, open and visually appealing landscape. In an even more original touch, the luminaires are positioned parallel to the road.  

They give the impression of "a small army of tin soldiers" explains Agathe Argod. 

The new ensemble integrates multiply sources of light to create a lively atmosphere while respecting dark sky regulations (ULOR <1%). 

15 - 20 lux
ave illuminance

Low energy LED lighting with maximum results

A total of 67 NIIL + POSSESSION ensembles were columns installed throughout the area; 

  • 48 NIIL with 2 POSSESSION luminaires at a height of 8m and one POSS at 6m; 
  • 8 NIIL with POSSESSION luminaires at a height of 6m, 8.5m and 11m and 
  • 11 NIIL with POSSESSION luminaires at a height of 4.5m. 

They deliver an average illuminance of between 15 and 20 lux on the road with a low energy consumption, reducing costs and CO2 emissions. 

The local authorities are delighted with the new installation, which perfectly complements the modern identity of the park and delivers a significant upgrade to the safety, quality and vibrancy of the city.