Schréder appoints new General Manager for North America - Steve Mills

Schréder, the world leading independent outdoor lighting provider, is proud to announce that it has appointed Steve Mills as General Manager - North America, in charge of the United States of America and Canada.

Steve Mills - General Manager Schréder Lighting LLC web

For the past year, Steve has been working with Schréder as a consultant and has been appointed to General Manager – North America, working full-time for Schréder, since September 2020. With this appointment, Steve will be in charge of the US and Canadian markets. 

Steve is also a Board Member of EMX Industries, Inc. and Buffalo United Group, specializing in access control & specialty industrial sensors and construction markets, respectively.

Before joining Schréder, Steve worked as CEO of Prym Consumer USA, a market leader in the consumer packaged goods market, as well as CEO of BEA Sensors Americas, specializing in research, development and integration of sensing solutions for the automation of pedestrian, industrial, transportation & security applications. 

Steve has been a very professional adviser to Schréder, with extensive knowledge of the North American market. We are proud to further the collaboration with Steve, as we are betting strongly on this market, which offers many opportunities in public lighting, but also in other industry segments, such as sports and recreational areas, industrial lighting and smart cities’ solutions.

Werner de Wolf - Schréder CEO
Werner de Wolf
CEO - Schréder

Steve, who was born and educated in the US, currently resides in Greenville, South Carolina. 

Schréder is investing highly in the US and Canadian markets, as many opportunities in the lighting markets are unfolding. Steve is the right person to drive Schréder’s strategy in these markets, to showcase Schréder’s lighting solutions and its benefits to our customers worldwide.

Philippe Felten - Chief Strategy Officer
Philippe Felten
Chief Strategy Officer - Schréder