About us

Experts in Smart Cities to build cities that people love to live in

At Schréder Hyperion we believe that our innovative spirit, our entrepreneurial attitude and our ability to make things happen are what allow us to make an impact and create a better world. We work every day to find answers and to take action for a sustainable future to create cities people love to live in.

Schréder is a leading independent outdoor lighting provider with a century-long tradition of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. At Schréder Hyperion we push the limits of the hardware business to integrate smart city technologies that leverage the unique vantage point of outdoor street lights and poles.

By thinking, developing and providing solid hardware and reliable software, we empower cities to manage their public spaces to become smarter.
Schréder Hyperion is all about people! Putting great minds to work to innovate! 

About Schréder Hyperion

We are scientists, we are dreamers, we are strategists, we are connectors. We are from over 15 different countries with diverse cultures and unique perspectives. Together, we develop innovative solutions that help build cities people love to live in. We call this Lightability™.

In a world of technology where the demand for cutting edge solutions is on the rise, Schréder Hyperion is focused on developing and providing completely open and interoperable IoT solutions that enable cities to lower their environmental footprint and improve the quality of services for their citizens.

Offering innovative solutions is Schreder’s century-old expertise and is why the company has survived three technological revolutions. Schreder Hyperion is embracing Industry 4.0 and once again we turn to the bright minds of our people to do this.