Saskatoon airport

OMNIstar improves the quality of light to enhance safety for all while reducing the airport’s operating costs

Saskatoon Airport is an international airport committed to delivering the most valued airport experience in Canada.
Indeed, the airport was recently awarded the Airport Council International (ACI)’s award for the Best Airport in North America (under 2 million passengers) in 2016.

In its quest to operate and maintain a safe, comfortable and sustainable airport, the airport recently updated the lighting in two apron and deicing zones.
They wanted a lighting system that would improve visibility, streamline operations and cut energy costs

The OMNIstar was ideal.
This LED floodlight has been fitted with a reflector specifically designed for apron lighting that enables the floodlight to be tilted at 0° to significantly reduce light pollution and glare and thus increase visibility and security on the apron.
It provides a bright white light with a much higher CRI (Colour Rendering Index) which enhances safety and the working conditions for the pilots, air traffic controllers and ground crews.
It is also reassuring for passengers waiting at the gate to board. 

The strong mechanical design of the OMNIstar which, provides a shockproof system that can withstand the vibrations that occur when the aircrafts take off and land, combined with the long life of the LEDs, significantly reduces the need for maintenance. 

A total of 48 OMNIstar luminaires have been installed, enabling the airport to lower its’ power consumption considerably by 50%

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Saskatoon Airport