Maverik Center

State-of-the-art LED lighting solution meets the unique needs of all events, while reducing energy consumption by 72%!

The Maverik Center is a 10,100 seat multi-purpose arena located in West Valley City, Utah. It is home to the Utah Grizzlies hockey team of the ECHL (East Coast Hockey League), and was host venue for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games Ice Hockey Championships.

The center is also one of the premier entertainment centres in Utah, regularly hosting concerts, cultural events, conferences and lots more activities. 

In 2016, the facility managers were informed that the lighting in the center was no longer meeting the requirements for TV broadcasting. 

Sports LED lighting to meet TV standards

With aspirations to land a team in the NHL (National Hockey League), they decided to install an LED lighting solution to comply with NHL TV broadcast standards.

Additionally, the new solution needed to be flexible enough to meet the lighting requirements of a wide variety of entertainment events, all the while improving light quality, reducing energy consumption and enhancing the entertainment experience.

Due to its low energy consumption, on/off capability and programmability for entertaining light shows, an LED lighting solution was the obvious choice. The new system would help both the facility and event organisers save on the costs and energy associated with staging the required lighting for a multitude of entertainment events and activities.  

The right lighting at all times 

After analysing several solutions, facility management opted for OMNISTAR. Not only does this high-performance luminaire meet the necessary foot candle requirements and CRI for television broadcast, it also delivers crystal clear images for viewers at home.

Through its ability to dim, the OMNISTAR system also adapts the lighting levels required by the different activities, thus minimising energy consumption while at the same time providing a safe, comfortable environment for participants and spectators alike. 

In addition, OMNISTAR also provides dynamic lighting effects to create a fun, entertaining atmosphere during events. The days of needing mechanical shutters to create a blackout effect are numbered!  

And all with energy savings!

Overall, 76 OMNISTAR luminaires were installed in the Maverik Center. The facility is thrilled with its 72% reduction in energy costs, and the system’s flexibility.

3200 S, Decker Lake Dr
West Valley City
United States


Maverik Center