Geneva pedestrian crossings

Improved safety for pedestrians with 60% energy savings

A 2019 census showed that the lighting on 19% of the pedestrian crossings on cantonal roads in Geneva did not respect the required levels. The local authorities, without delay, put in place an action plan to replace the luminaires on the pedestrian crossings to increase visibility and improve safety for pedestrians. 

Better visibility with less energy

After launching a tender, the local authorities opted for the AMPERA luminaire, fitted with specific optics for pedestrian crossings. The luminaires provide the necessary vertical illuminance to ensure that pedestrians are clearly visible for drivers at a safe stopping distance. They are fitted with cool white LEDs to create a strong contrast with the road lighting to further improve visibility

These highly efficient LED luminaires comply with the city’s SLG 202 directive and will also enable the city to reduce energy costs by 60%

Reduced operating costs 

The city was also keen to reduce maintenance costs and thanks to the robust design of the AMPERA and the long life of the LEDs, the new lighting will reduce the number of maintenance interventions, saving both time and money.

Meeting the deadline

Thanks to our wealth of experience in lighting pedestrian crossings, we were able to provide the luminaires within the city’s deadline to quickly improve safety for pedestrians. 



Services Industriels de Genève


The results are positive. We have received few complaints from the community. The installed fittings are reliable and for all of the luminaires that have been replaced on the pedestrian crossings, we will save 900,000kWh annually.

Jean-Luc Zufferey
Lighting Engineer - Services Industriels de Genève