Metalcolor industrial plant

Energy-efficient indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions reduce the operating costs and footprint of this environmentally conscious company

Founded in 1981 Metalcolor in Forel near Lausanne, Metalcolor specialises in aluminium coil coating. Today, the company is present worldwide and is Europe’s leading supplier of aluminium strips for the production of outside venetian blinds.

Sustainability is a core value for the company. Using locally produced renewable energy, upgrading equipment to guarantee the quality and reliability of its products, optimising raw material consumption, minimising waste and improving product durability are key for the company to reduce its energy consumption, environmental impact and costs. 

When the company recently built a new hall to increase production, it was designed with sustainable business practices and to provide optimal working conditions. To reduce energy consumption to a minimum, the company wanted an LED lighting solution.

Smart LED lighting to eliminate unnecessary use of energy 

After analysing the different working areas in the production hall, we proposed a lighting solution with the highly-efficient INDU BAY. 

Each luminaire has been fitted with a built-in motion detection sensor to only switch on when an employee or a machine like a forklift passes by. The luminaires can also be programmed via DALI with the KNX motion detection sensors to light the different areas according to occupancy levels and activity taking place in the production hall. Indeed, when the hall is being use for full production, the light remains switched on to avoid a “disco” effect. 

A total of 27 INDU BAY luminaires were installed throughout the production hall. They deliver a high quality of light, creating a safe and comfortable working environment so that employees have perfect visibility to concentrate on the task in hand, driving productivity up. 

Four of the INDY BAY luminaires are fitted with batteries for emergency lighting. 

A visible improvement for the warehouse 

The company took advantage of the new installation to replace the lighting in its warehouse.

The INDU LINE was chosen and 30 of these linear lighting systems have been installed throughout the area. It has increased the light levels and uniformity so staff can easily access what they need, speeding up operations, with lower energy consumption

Energy-efficient lighting for outdoor areas too

The lighting for the access roads and the car parks were also upgraded as part of the energy-efficiency exercise. A total of 20 TECEO 1 luminaires (32 LEDs) were installed on 5m high poles. They provide a bright light, without shadows or glare, so that the spaces can be shared safely by both drivers and pedestrians. The luminaires have been programmed to adapt the lighting levels according to predefined schedules.

The loading bays are now by 14 INDU FLOOD luminaires. They deliver a bright, glare-free light so drivers can easily manoeuvre lorries and other vehicles while staff can smoothly load and unload merchandise. 

All of the luminaires have not only reduced energy consumption but also dramatically reduced maintenance operations and the associated costs for the company. 

Both staff and management are very pleased with the new lighting which has improved the working environment while reducing the company’s environmental impact

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