Companhia Logística de Combustíveis (CLC) fuel storage facility

Intelligent lighting solution delivers a better quality of light while reducing energy consumption by a significant 77%!

Companhia Logística de Combustíveis (CLC) is a logistics company operating in the field of petroleum derivatives and is responsible for a fuel storage facility at Aveiras de Cima, north of Lisbon. As one of the 3 most important petroleum storage areas in the country, more than 500 tankers leave the facility every day to supply the central region of Portugal including Lisbon.

In 2015, the management decided to replace the lighting - 105 floodlights (2000W) on 25m high masts - which was no longer providing the adequate lighting levels. They wanted a solution that would not only improve the quality of the lighting but reduce energy and maintenance costs as well.

Schréder, who has been providing lighting solutions for CLC since the company was founded in 1994, proposed an LED solution with the OMNIstar luminaires.

To reduce installation costs, the luminaires were to be installed on the same masts. A total of 181 OMNIstar luminaires (144 LEDs - 322W) were installed on the 25 existing towers over the 60-acre terrain.

Despite the increase in the number of floodlights installed, the total power consumption has been reduced by approximately 77%, from 252kW to 58KW!

The management also opted to install the Owlet Nightshift control system to monitor the lighting installation and to adjust the lighting levels during calm periods at night to further reduce energy costs.

The management and employees are delighted with the improved visibility, which provides a much safer and comfortable landscape with a dramatic reduction in operating costs.

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Aveiras de Cima


Companhia Logística de Combustíveis