Versatile recessed wall lighting fixture for marking the way and creating ambiance


The BLOCO LED floodlight efficiently marks the way and creates a pleasant ambiance in places where people enjoy spending time. With its compact and smooth design, this architectural lighting solution helps create a unique identity for cities. Ideally suited to lighting squares, pedestrian areas, car parks, railways, walls and buildings, BLOCO creates comfortable and safe environments that encourage social activity in urban areas.

Wide range
BLOCO offers an energy-efficient and sustainable LED solution for marking the way and creating ambiance.

The BLOCO range of wall recessed floodlights is characterised by a wide variety of models and photometric distributions.

Direct or indirect lighting

Available for direct - with opal glass or protective grid - and indirect lighting, BLOCO comes in various shapes: rectangular, circular and square. The BLOCO recessed floodlights elegantly blend into the architecture.

Extremely low maintenance requirements
BLOCO is a versatile recessed wall lighting fixture for marking the way and creating ambiance.

The quality materials (die-cast aluminium and glass) coupled with a rigorous mechanical design confers the BLOCO range of recessed floodlights the neat design and robustness required for urban environments. The high tightness level of the body (IP 66) maximises the lifetime of the internal components.

Installation kit

An installation kit is available for each model of the BLOCO range. Made of glass-reinforced polypropylene, it complements the high mechanical resistance of the LED floodlight and facilitates its installation.


Electrical information

Electrical class
Nominal voltage


Luminaire output flux (lm)
Power consumption (W)

Optical information

LED colour temperature

Housing and finish

Tightness level
Impact resistance

Dimensions and mounting

AxBxC (mm | inch)
BLOCO rectangular - 294x154x275 | 11.6x6x10.8
BLOCO circular direct - 255x114x235 | 10x4.5x9.2
BLOCO circular indirect - 255x150x235 | 10x5.9x9.2
BLOCO square - 255x108x214 | 10x4.2x8.4
Mounting possibilities

Control systems

Accessories and versions

Opal version
BLOCO, the ideal versatile wall recessed LED floodlight for marking.

BLOCO is available in a direct lighting version with opal glass. Thanks to its different shapes (rectangular, circular and square), the recessed floodlight can provide diffuse and wide-spread lighting to all kinds of urban environments, creating a safe and pleasant ambiance.

Protective grid
Rectangular, circular or square, BLOCO perfectly integrates and complements any architectural setting.

With a protective grid, BLOCO benefits from extended vandal protection, making it perfect for marking the way and creating ambiance in urban areas. The protective grid is available with the three BLOCO models: circular, rectangular and square.

Indirect lighting
BLOCO creates comfortable and safe environments that encourage social activity in urban areas.

The indirect lighting variants of BLOCO create a pleasant ambiance and enable the light to frame the area. Architectural forms can be reinforced and heavy or cumbersome constructions can be toned down thanks to the floating effect, so that all the elements come into their own.