Safety and robustness are key when lighting indoor and outdoor public swimming pools, whether they are used for recreational or competitive sports.
Excellent visibility ensures the safety of swimmers and pool attendants while well-designed, sturdy LED floodlights guarantee a long life for a good return on investment.  

Sports lighting solutions for public swimming pools

Our LED lighting solutions for public swimming pools: 

  • comply with lighting standards to provide the correct illumination to ensure safety for swimmers and enable lifeguards to spot and help people in difficulty in the water;
  • prevent glare that can be caused by reflected light from the water surface so swimmers, especially in competitions, can easily recognise the finish, lane markings, fellow swimmers and judges can fully observe movements; 
  • resist chlorinated and humid environments thanks to high IP levels and robust materials to provide a long lifetime;
  • reduce operating costs thanks to a low energy consumption and low maintenance needs;
  • are versatile to meet the complex restrictions on where luminaires can be placed and easily installed to minimise disruption to activities. 

Depending on your infrastructure and competition level, we can provide various lighting swimming pool lighting solutions to meet your needs.

Lighting public swimming pools

Bilateral implementation

Sports lighting solutions for public swimming pools, recreational and professional
 Class IClass IIClass III
Illuminance500 lux300 lux200 lux
Floodlights per side543
Energy savings49%51%47%

Consult our lighting guide for more information.