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Easy-to-install and maintenance free production hall lighting saves time and money for this busy manufacturer

Habighorst GmbH manufactures metallic components and springs such as spring clips, tension springs, compression springs and stamped parts for companies in all sectors. Founded in 1912, the company has always innovated and diversified to grow into the international group it is today with its wide range of products sold worldwide.  

In 2019, the company decided to upgrade the lighting on its shop floor in its Hagen headquarters as it was frustrated with the regular maintenance. As the luminaires were installed high in the roof, access was very difficult due to the many machines in the production hall and maintenance operations were proving to be very time-consuming and expensive. 

By upgrading the lighting to LED technology, the company would also reduce its energy consumption and improve the quality of light for employees. 

Easy installation from the ground 

Due to the many machines in the company’s production halls, it is practically impossible to access all the luminaires with an elevating platform and installing scaffolding takes up time, slows down production and costs money. The company was therefore looking for a lighting solution that could be easily installed, requires little maintenance and has a long life

The INDU CONTILINE was ideal. 

Thanks to our patented installation system, developed in collaboration with the electrician Stefan Hesse and Mark-E Effizienz, the INDU CONTILINE can be installed at heights up to 10m from the floor, minimising costs and disruption to plant activities. The luminaires are easily and quickly installed with a push-trunking system mounted with rolling gate poles.

Improved visibility for precision work

The facility manager at Habighorst was also impressed by the quality of light from the INDU CONTILINE after receiving a sample. It delivers a bright white light (5,700K) with a high CRI to ensure a remarkable uniformity in the production halls where the employees carry out high-precision work. The staff really appreciate this improvement in visibility and visual comfort.

Reduced cleaning and maintenance costs

The INDU CONTILINE benefits from the long life of LEDs, meaning it needs virtually zero maintenance (no need for lamp replacement). As in a lot of production halls, dust tends to gather over time, reducing the quality of light. However, thanks to the clean lines and smooth surface of the INDU CONTILINE, water and dust do not accumulate, reducing the need to clean them. This was key for Habighorst as it is extremely difficult for them to access the luminaires and will significantly reduce maintenance overheads.

Reduced energy costs

Thanks to its efficiency, it delivers a better quality of light with less energy consumption. In general, it provides 40% energy savings compared to the most efficient luminaires equipped with 80W discharge lamps.

The company is very pleased with the investment. The installation was straightforward, saving time and money. The new production hall lighting has not only drastically reduced maintenance and operating costs but also improved the quality of light, bringing added health and safety benefits and generally a much better workplace environment

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