Broadmarsh public realm regeneration

Bespoke lighting solutions to revitalise Nottingham's urban landscape

Broadmarsh, a former shopping centre spread over 8 hectares in Nottingham, is undergoing a major city centre development to reconnect streets with a green space at its heart. As part of the urban transformation, the city wanted to create spaces where both residents and visitors would feel at home by day and by night. Nottingham City Council appointed the lighting design consultancy Michael Grubb Studio to deliver the lighting strategy and design for various areas of this wider public realm project, including underpass lighting on Sussex Street.

Michael Grubb Studio specified Schréder to supply bespoke lighting solutions that would bring the lighting vision to life based on our track record of delivering luminaires that meet the project requirements. 

A collaborative project to enhance the public realm

As part of the project, we worked collaboratively with Michael Grubb Studio and the wider design team including Townshend Landscape Architects, Pick Everard as well as Nottingham City Council to ensure that the specified lighting solutions enhance Nottingham's architectural landscape and public realm without compromising pedestrian safety and cohesion. Each location, from Sussex Street, to Carrington Street, Collin Street and Lister Gate, received lighting solutions tailored to their unique requirements and characteristics.

Bespoke lighting transforms Sussex Street underpass

The Sussex Street area has undergone a remarkable transformation. Previously inaccessible and uninviting, this underpass has been transformed into a vibrant amphitheatre-style space. With the city looking to host events during both day and night in this public space, it was important to create a welcoming nocturnal atmosphere. 

Michael Grubb Studio designed a dynamic scheme to bring the space, including the vibrantly-painted murals, to life with floodlights suspended overhead. As the tram structure could not be impacted, ILUM MARK floodlights were installed in bespoke clamping systems.

Our Schréder SIGNATURE team customised these highly versatile linear floodlights to meet the requirements of the project. A total of 135 ILUM MARK were installed; a combination of ILUM MARK with white LEDs facing downwards and ILUM MARK with RGB LEDs facing upwards. All of the floodlights can be individually controlled via the DMX protocol to create a variety of lighting scenarios that change on a daily basis.

The ILUM MARK floodlight was supplied in different lengths (500mm, 1500mm, and 3000mm) to ensure a uniform and consistent illumination. 

The floodlights are dimmed after midnight to save energy and reduce light pollution.

Tailored lighting solutions to connect Broadmarsh streets

The steps connecting Sussex Street to Middle Hill have been fitted with bespoke ALINEA LED handrails to invite people into the area and make use of the large open spaces for recreational activities.

Part of the former shopping centre in Middle Hill has been transformed into amphitheatre steps to provide a large space for relaxation and open air events. SCULPLINE floodlights have been mounted on the underside of the bridge deck that forms a walkway at the top of the steps. They wash the vertical surfaces with light, providing a soft backdrop for this key meeting space where social interaction is encouraged. 
The ALINEA LED discreetly integrates the handrail on the steps, providing visual guidance and lighting to enable users to climb the stairs in complete safety

Carrington Street, home to the city’s iconic Edwardian train station and the new Broadmarsh bus station, now features tapered columns with ALURA LED luminaires and customised PRAGMA luminaires on bespoke brackets and columns to enhance the public realm both by day and by night. ALINEA LED handrails and recessed BLOCO luminaires integrate the urban furniture to make the street more attractive and comfortable at night

Lister Gate, home to some of the high street's retail giants, is now lit by 25 ALURA LED luminaires mounted on 6m tapered columns. This classic luminaire adds a touch of elegance to the landscape while consuming very little energy, allowing the local council to light the street sustainably, especially during the darker months. 
Six VALINTA CURVE street lights on 6m tapered columns complement the lighting on the street and will shine a light on a statue that the city plans to install in the near future.

Connecting to Lister Gate is the newly pedestrianised, tree-lined Collin Street which now features a play area and seating for a child-friendly space outside the Central Library. Five bespoke twin columns with FLEXIA FG Midi luminaires on SOFIA brackets were installed to create a safe and enjoyable environment for people of all ages all year round.

A safe, inviting and sustainable public realm for the community

By providing clear visual guidance, light shows and connectivity between spaces, the new energy-efficient urban lighting has played a key role in creating vibrant public spaces in Broadmarsh, promoting a sense of safety and community engagement while encouraging footfall. The local community enjoys seeing the area come alive at night.

We were delighted to work with all the different partners in the design team to provide lighting solutions that not only meet the needs of today but also adapt to the evolving requirements of tomorrow. 

Sussex Street
United Kingdom


Nottingham City Council


Design Team
Landscape Architect: Townshend Landscape Architects
Project Management: Pick Everard
Lighting Design: Michael Grubb Studio