Schréder & SixSq selected for SynchroniCity programme

IoT smart city pilot will deliver energy savings to European cities thanks to data-driven solution

Schréder, the leading independent outdoor lighting service provider in the world and SixSq, a cloud and edge solutions provider based in Geneva, have been chosen by the European Union’s SynchroniCity programme to deploy a data-driven adaptive lighting solution in two large European cities, Antwerp and Porto.
The team is one of only 16 pilots selected from 131 groups who responded to the call. 

This six-month project will leverage real-time traffic data to provide added-value services in the field of adaptive lighting, mobility and public safety. The solution, known as VolumLight®, was developed by Schréder in partnership with SixSq, and forms part of SixSq’s NuvlaCity IoT platform.

VolumLight® provides a local and autonomous system which delivers energy savings exceeding 30%.

This innovation provides a street lighting controlled in accordance with traffic volume increasing safety and reducing light emissions and at the same time providing the city with relevant traffic data for further use in mobility analysis and planning.


VolumLight® is the proof that existing infrastructure can be digitalised to bring social and environmental benefits. SynchroniCity challenges the participants to find solutions to local problems, enabling cities and partners to collaborate and share their experiences.

Nicolas Keutgen
Schréder CIO

The intelligent lighting solution will be implemented in the cities of Antwerp and Porto. VolumLight® will be installed on selected stretches of road in both cities. The beauty of the system is that it leverages the existing lighting infrastructure and perfectly integrates with cities’ existing smart city strategies.

We are delighted to have been selected for this pilot, especially considering how competitive it was. This is about using data and IoT to deliver scalable, sustainable and meaningful improvements to citizens’ life and the environment.

Marc-Elian Bégin
SixSq’s CEO

What is Synchronicity?

SynchroniCity opens a global IoT market for cities and businesses. They develop shared digital services to improve the lives of citizens and to grow local economies. The SynchroniCity project received funding from the European Union research and innovation program Horizon 2020 under grant agreement No. 732240 and fits into the program for large-scale pilot projects of €104 million.
38 partners worldwide - companies, academic institutions, municipalities and NGOs - contribute to the project.