Schréder launches new IoT platform for smart lighting and smart cities - Schréder EXEDRA

Schréder is committed to delivering the best service to its customers and to accompany them on every step of their smart lighting journey. As such, Schréder is delighted to announce the launch of Schréder EXEDRA, a brand new IoT platform for smart lighting and smart cities, to deliver the best value to its customers worldwide.

Efficient public lighting management can generate important energy savings, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the impact on the environment.
Schréder EXEDRA is the most advanced lighting management system on the market for controlling, monitoring and analysing street lights in a user-friendly way. With this new platform, city managers can remotely control the performance of street lights, dim the street lights' brightness according to specific needs, generate and manage tickets, easily create reports and interact with other sensors and devices installed in public spaces.  

Schréder EXEDRA is a powerful tool for contractors, utilities or cities to generate important energy savings and to better manage their luminaire networks remotely. In the long run, this brand new platform can play a key role in taking strategic decisions that will shape the future of our cities.

Nicolas Keutgen
CIO - Schréder

Schréder EXEDRA’s system architecture is:

  • Open: we have taken a technology-agnostic approach, relying on open standards and protocols to design an architecture that is able to interact seamlessly with third-party software and hardware solutions.
  • Interoperable: it offers the ability to control luminaires (and other devices), manage controllers, integrate sensors from other brands and to connect with third-party devices and platforms.
  • Standardised: we play a key role in driving standardisation with alliances and partners such as uCIFI, TALQ or Zhaga. Our joint commitment is to provide solutions designed for vertical and horizontal IoT integration, from the body (hardware) to the language (data model) and the intelligence (algorithms).
  • Cloud-native: with our customers’ data security needs in mind, we have selected the best cloud service solution provider in the market, MicrosoftTM Azure, relying on the highest levels of trust, transparency, standards conformance and regulatory compliance. 
  • Simple: designed as a plug-and-play solution, it enables quick and easy deployment of a connected lighting network. Furthermore, city managers can use this powerful tool to set custom routines and automated actions, based on rules and conditions they define to simplify operations and automate repetitive tasks.
  • Flexible and scalable: features can be independently deployable, the platform being fully configurable, including tools for user management and multi-tenant policy that enables contractors, utilities or big cities to segregate projects.
  • Secure: it follows a multi-layered approach, where specific security measures are taken at device, communication and cloud levels. This security methodology provides continuous analysis of security risk vectors and mitigation of threat through security processes and mechanisms.

Schréder EXEDRA brings a new layer of tangible benefits that maximises return on investment and creates new opportunities for cities, while consistently providing safety, well-being and sustainability to citizens worldwide. The Schréder EXEDRA platform was developed by Schréder Hyperion, the Group’s innovation centre dedicated to smart city and beyond-lighting solutions, to ensure our customers generate energy savings and configure the right light in the right place, as we wish to actively address the impact of light on fauna and flora and protect our skies from  light pollution. 

Werner de Wolf - Schréder CEO
Werner de Wolf
CEO - Schréder