Becoming a more diverse, equitable and inclusive company

Our mission is to bring meaningful moments to people by enhancing safety, well-being and sustainability in connected public spaces. To achieve this, we must make a significant and positive impact on our employees by cultivating an equitable and inclusive work environment that embraces diversity. A diverse workforce that feels valued and respected will, in turn, bring empowerment, innovation and ultimately better business results.

We actively make our working environment one where people belong, thrive and progress by:

  • empowering people to speak up and be their authentic selves;
  • making sure that our business decisions reflect diverse voices and opinions;
  • providing career support to fulfil personal aspirations and organisational goals;
  • offering opportunities to develop our future leaders;
  • recruiting from as diverse a talent pool as possible to attract the best people;
  • ensuring equal working conditions and pay for equal work.

This commitment extends to all areas of the business and beyond, including our employees, our board, our supply chain, and our communities.

Having a presence in multiple locations worldwide gives us the privilege of inherent diversity. However, to ensure that this equates to being an inclusive and equitable organisation, we must constantly review our practices and processes to ensure that all facets of diversity are respected and celebrated. Our Manifesto underlines our commitment to define and promote a company-wide strategy.

Inês Vieira Nascimento: Schréder CHRO
Inês Nascimento
Chief Human Resources Officer

As part of our vision to create a more equitable and fairer workplace, we have set targeted actions in our Manifesto for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Click here to download a copy of our Manifesto