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Lightability, for those that have never heard of it
After 111 years we realised that there was still no word to explain what we do, something that goes far beyond lighting.

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The ultimate solution for connecting people to their social environment

More than 1,100,000 Teceo luminaires light towns and cities worldwide

From motorways, tunnels, residential streets and pedestrian areas, to monuments, sports facilities, public transport areas, industrial halls, university campuses and much more.

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the world

We create practical, sustainable and beautiful lighting solutions from the Rome’s Coliseum to the Channel Tunnel.

Visit Schréder at Light + Building 2018

We are excited within this context to showcase our portfolio of solutions.

Schréder will introduce new decorative luminaires - Oyo, Zylindo and Voldue - as well as additions to the road lighting range - Ymera, Teceo S and Avento S. These products not only enhance landscapes by day, but deliver crisp light that guarantees a secure environment at night and maximises energy savings while lowering carbon emissions.

Discover the Shuffle with its new options. This modular lighting-based system, a world-first, continues to evolve. Today, it enables you to light environments, provide WiFi and real-time audio to broadcast city announcements, direct cars to parking spaces, or illuminate evacuation routes. Tomorrow, you can use it to expand 4G coverage and increase network capacity in an inconspicuous manner. It can also gear you up for 5G coverage in 2020.

Another unmissable highlight on the stand is the Schréder tunnel. Fitted with the new TAG fixture and the ATS control system, tunnel managers can discover a new way to plan, monitor and control tunnel networks to ensure safety and well-being - in the most sustainable way possible.

We also invite you to experience the live Owlet demo to see how our control system transforms the way you manage your lighting network. Equipped with the Owlet IoT control system and Libellium sensors, connected street lights go beyond switching off when no one is present to conserve energy, or sending automatic notifications when a light has gone out. The sensors capture data such as pollution, temperature and noise levels from the surrounding environment. Owlet IoT, based on an open protocol, then collects and transports this data to create an intelligent network infrastructure.

Recent arrivals for the industrial segment - INDU BAY GEN 2 and LEDBAY - will also be on show. These products enable companies to provide a safe environment for employees, boosting productivity and cutting energy consumption.

These are just a few of the technological innovations we will be showing. Visit us in Hall 5 - Stand B46A to see how our scalable technology can help you create inviting, smart, and distinctive outdoor spaces.

Photo credit: Marco Verch.

Lightability, for those that have never heard of it


After 111 years we realised that there was still no word to explain what we do, something that goes far beyond lighting.

So, as problem-solvers and as engineers, we invented one.

We call this skill Lightability.

It’s about being experts in using light. The ability to make that light human. It’s our drive to grasp and explore everything there is about the potential of light. For everyone.

But Lightability is not just a skill. It’s an attitude. It’s reimagining the way light is used through efficiency, innovation, sustainability and expertise. It is the capacity to use the power of light to improve the world at large.

Because the light we help bring is more than physical. It gives hope, makes love stronger, and protects what matters to us. It is one that always finds a way to make things better.

And turning to history, the pioneers of the past created new terms, shaping culture and societies, breaking old boundaries to build smarter, connected communities. That is what we strive to deliver: innovation.

We are pioneers lighting the way for the visionaries. So that their ideas can shine.

Because lighting can empower people, impact lives, support communities, transform spaces, cities – and the planet.

For 111 years we have been experts at using light to its fullest potential. And we’ll keep on doing just that.

All of this is connected.
All of this is Lightability.