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Successful renovation of Genval paper mill

An efficient and sustainable lighting solution that perfectly reflects the philosophy of this new district

The old industrial site of Genval paper mill in Rixensart outside Brussels has been converted into a brand new district incorporating homes, shops and cafés to create a thriving community for elderly people.
The design of this new space has is centred around 4 main axes: quality, conviviality, intergenerational exchanges and sustainability.
Each element of the project from the housing to the public spaces has been carefully designed to respect these 4 criteria. The district is built around a public square that runs along the Lasne River which structures the space, creating a feeling of continuity and openness which will encourage interactions.
An LED lighting solution which would limit the energy consumption and environmental footprint was the obvious choice for this new sustainable district. In addition, the white light provided by LEDs offers perfect visual comfort and a sense of well-being for the residents.
To compliment to the modern architecture of the site, the project’s investors wanted a contemporary and elegant luminaire to enhance the landscape. Impressed by the high-quality finish and refined design of the Piano luminaire, they choose this highly efficient fixture to light the car parks, roads and main shopping street.
The ModulLum, the ideal tool for reinforcing aesthetic coherency in public spaces, was chosen to light the promenade along the Lasne River. The efficiency of this lighting column meant that the number of poles to be installed was reduced while its pure design harmoniously integrates the landscape.
SCULPline floodlights have been installed under the canopies on the buildings to light the pavements and the architecture of the façades, creating a safe, comfortable and inviting nocturnal space.
All of the partners involved in the project are delighted by the lighting solutions which respect and perfectly reflect the philosophy of this urban renovation project.

Contracting authority: Equilis (Groupe Mestdagh) & Rixensart Council
Architects: Agua, Atelier d’Architecture de Genval
Installation contractor: Collignon
Lighting operator: Ores

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