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Fontvieille embankment - Monaco

SCULPline creates an unique identity for this lively port while reducing the carbon footprint

Located at the foot of the Rock of Monaco, Fontvieille port is a lively area that attracts many tourists and residents out for a walk. The port is protected by a 165m long embankment that houses small businesses. 
The embankment, which was built in the 1970s, was recently renovated to enhance the area. The façades were restored and the Principality of Monaco decided to replace the lighting with old floodlights on the embankment by a more energy efficient solution.
Schréder proposed an LED lighting solution with the SCULPline to dramatically reduce operating costs and to create an unique identity.
In total, 64 SCULPline floodlights fitted with 40 RGBA LEDs and 64 SCULPline equipped with 12 warm white LEDs were installed. The floodlights fitted with RGBA LEDs are controlled by a DMX protocol to create dynamic lighting effects for the many festive occasions that take place within the port such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix, National Holiday and Christmas celebrations. The SCULPline with warm white LEDs ensures safety and visual comfort for all visitors to the area.
Thanks to the new lighting, the embankment is lit by modern LED technology that not only offers a magnificent nocturnal show, but also considerably reduces the Principality’s carbon footprint.

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