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Shuffle creates the first smart environment in Budapest to celebrate the FINA World Aquatics Championships 2017

Shuffle creates the first smart environment in Budapest to celebrate the FINA World Aquatics Championships 2017

28/07/2017, Event News | LED | Project News

The cities of Budapest and Balatonf├╝red are hosting the FINA World Championships 2017 from 14th to 30th July. For the past 12 days, the athletes have been spoiling spectators with thrilling emotions in swimming, water polo and diving competitions.

Ahead of this prestigious event, the city of Budapest seized the opportunity to implement the first smart city initiatives in the capital. They wanted to provide a connected urban space which would contribute to creating an engaging and unforgettable experience for the athletes and fans and further evolve the city as a liveable, socially inclusive and dynamic space for future generations.

The area around the newly built Duna Arena which is the main venue for the championship was completely redeveloped and the Turbina promenade was created. This riverside embankment provides easy access to the arena and features a bike path which is an integral part of the EuroVelo international bicycle network along the River Danube.

To create a connected space, the local authorities chose to install the Shuffle as it provides the necessary infrastructure in one aesthetic column for a range of services that improve the quality of life for residents.
Today, this modular system delivers an energy-efficient lighting solution that creates safe and welcoming landscapes while reducing the carbon footprint. Certain columns are also equipped with cameras to enhance the feeling of security while other Shuffles provide free WiFi for visitors and residents so that they can stay in touch, communicate and share their experiences at all times.

All of the Shuffles are ready to enable more smart solutions as they can be upgraded at any time with extra features such as loudspeakers, EV chargers or sensors. The city intends to add new services in the near future to increase the efficiency of its public infrastructure. 

A total of 160 Shuffles have been installed to date, contributing to the creation of a vibrant and connected outdoor space where athletes, visitors and residents can run, cycle or simply relax.

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