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Schréder, shining light on the regeneration of Rio de Janeiro

Schréder, shining light on the regeneration of Rio de Janeiro

08/08/2016, LED | Project News

Hosting the 2016 Olympics was not only a catalyst for the city of Rio de Janeiro to invest in the city’s sporting infrastructure. The local authorities also seized this opportunity to regenerate the city’s port area, Porto Maravilha, into a cultural and business hub, to boost  tourism and the economy long after this prestigious competition.

Porto Maravilha

The area has been transformed with new office developments, the futuristic Museu do Amanhã (Museum of Tomorrow) and plenty of open spaces for visitors and people working in the area to relax and soak up the beautiful views of the coast.

A new sustainable tramway was also built to transport people in and out of the port, strongly improving mobility within the city.

Schréder was delighted to participate in this innovative project that will provide a lasting legacy for the residents of Rio de Janeiro. We provided sustainable lighting solutions that create safe and welcoming spaces for people to enjoy, bringing the areas to life at night for a long time to come.

Maracanã Arena
This iconic landmark for Brazilians regularly hosts national and international matches and events such as the FIFA 2014 World Cup and will host the opening ceremony of the Olympic games.
As the largest stadium in South America, it can seat 78,838 spectators.
Schréder supplied cost-effective LED lighting solutions to enhance the landscape around the arena and ensure the highest level of security for the many visitors entering and leaving the arena. Schréder also illuminated the façade of the arena to boost the excitement of these festive events.

Olympic Park
The Akila Olympic is without a doubt, the lighting star of the Olympic Parks. The designer Indio da Costa redesigned our Akila fixture to create an iconic luminaire for this prestigious event. The Akila Olympic benefits from all the photometrical flexibility of the original luminaire to light all the different landscapes in a more sleek design.
More than 1,000 Akila Olympics are installed throughout the city, providing a bright white light that ensures a safe passage for the general public making their way to and from the numerous sporting venues in the city such as Maria Lenk Aquatic Park, Future Arena, Deodoro Stadium and the Rio Olympic Velodrome.

Porto Maravilha
This old port area, at the heart of the city’s regeneration plan, is lit by the Yoa luminaire. Redeveloped to incorporate large open spaces so that the residents and visitors can take advantage at all times, good lighting was critical for this area in the evening.  

The Yoa is ideal. Its pure design perfectly integrates this modern landscape by day and provides a gentle white light to create a warm nocturnal ambiance.
Over 1,400 Yoa luminaires are installed throughout the area in different configurations (post-top, single bracket and double bracket) to meet the lighting requirements for the diverse areas in aesthetic harmony.  

The new VLT tramway, passing through this area, operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
It is essential that people feel completely safe when using this new form of public transport. The Yoa does just that by providing a bright white uniform light that creates a secure and pleasant environment while keeping energy costs to a minimum.

Museu do Amanhã
The BaroLED floodlight contributes to highlighting the impressive architecture of this iconic building at night while achieving LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

Parque Madureira
This urban oasis was developed in one of the most built-up areas of Rio Janeiro with the clear intention of transforming the landscape and quality of life for the residents.
The 3rd largest park in the city (103,000m²), it offers multiple activities including football pitches, ping-pong tables, a skate park, an amphitheatre and food kiosks.
Schréder delivered more than 600 energy saving luminaires so that the residents can benefit from the various facilities during the day and night.

In addition, Schréder has also supplied sustainable LED lighting solutions for Galeão Airport and tunnels in the city including the Martim de Sá Tunnel, to ease journeys for people travelling in and out of the city.

By providing sustainable lighting solutions for all of these different public spaces, Schréder has contributed to helping the city of Rio de Janeiro create safe and welcoming landscapes that improve the quality of life for its residents while reducing energy costs and its environmental footprint.

Praça Mauá - Porto Maravilha

Praça Mauá - Porto Maravilha

Praça Marechal Âncora - Porto Maravilha

Praça Mauá - Porto Maravilha
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