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Schréder installs the Shuffle at its Belgian R&D Centre to recharge electric cars

Schréder installs the Shuffle at its Belgian R&D Centre to recharge electric cars

18/12/2016, Corporate News | Product News

A worldwide leader in outdoor lighting solutions, Schréder has played a major role in helping towns and cities convert to LED technology thanks to its state-of-the-art solutions. Today, in addition to helping its customers adopt highly-efficient energy saving lighting solutions, Schréder is supporting them in their transition to sustainable mobility. As each day passes, the electric car gains popularity, and several countries have already introduced programmes to phase out fuel-powered vehicles in the near future. Towns and cities need the necessary infrastructure to facilitate this switch to electric mobility.

Equipped with an 11 or 22kW electric vehicle (EV) charger, the multi-functional Shuffle column by Schréder proposes an intelligent solution by combining several services including light, security cameras, loudspeakers, WiFi and an EV charger in one column. 

This modular solution can provide multiple services for an environment with a simple installation that takes up little space. For the EV charger, user access and billing of the energy consumed is managed by an authentication process that operates with a swipe card or a QR code reader.

To demonstrate the full potential of this multi-functional tool, Schréder has installed a series of Shuffle columns incorporating all of the different services that if offers, outside its R&D Centre in Liège, Belgium. More than 500 customers from all over the world - including architects, engineers, real estate investors and local authorities - visit the centre every year, looking for cutting-edge solutions to make their projects happen and to learn more about market trends. A visit to the R&D Centre allows them to discover the latest developments and innovations to face tomorrow’s technological challenges.

To illustrate our commitment to be Your Partner Beyond Light and highlight the Shuffle’s EV charger, Schréder has acquired electric BMW i3 cars. These eco-friendly cars will be used to transport visitors to and from the centre. Employees can also borrow them in the evening and at the weekend to test drive this new cleaner everyday form of transport. The new “Protonic Blue” colour of the Schréder i3 cars is similar to the colour of the Shuffle’s light ring when a vehicle is charging.

We believe that new challenges should be met with an innovative and creative approach. In this respect, the association between the BMW i3, an exclusively modern electric car, and our Shuffle solution for smart cities, makes complete sense at a time when electric mobility is gaining momentum.” explains Nicolas Keutgen, Chief Innovation Officer of the Schréder Group. 

BMW is, of course, delighted that Schréder chose the i3 and is pleased to see a major player in the transition of cities becoming more involved in sustainable mobility.

BMWi has quickly become an international as well as national success story. The launch of the new BMW i3 offers an increased autonomy of up to 300km. Schréder’s approach is the realisation of a company mobility plan that is adapted to the city of the future. As for the Shuffle, it definitely offers an easy solution to facilitate the development of electric mobility” declared Jean-Philippe Parain, President and CEO of the BMW Belux Group.

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