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Meet Schréder at Smart City Expo 2017 to discover solutions that will enable you to create safer, sustainable and connected cities

Meet Schréder at Smart City Expo 2017 to discover solutions that will enable you to create safer, sustainable and connected cities

05/11/2017, Corporate News | Event News

Schréder, a long-time partner of the city, is continually innovating to develop solutions that will drive the digital transformation in smart cities. In collaboration with industry leaders like Huawei, Genetec Zenitel and Ruckus, we deliver smart street lights that enable cities to rethink their infrastructure to improve operations, provide a better service for their citizens while achieving their environmental objectives.

Visit us on stand F646 at Smart City Expo to experience solutions that will enable you to create cities that are:

  • Safer: while light creates brighter, safer environments, cameras deliver a heightened sense of security. They reassure people. They encourage people to go out at night and keep the city alive. Cameras can also share information to optimise traffic management or ensure a faster response during a crisis or natural disaster. Discover the Shuffle with an integrated 360° camera and intercom button that delivers significant benefits for public safety. 

  • Greener: a wide-spread availability of EV chargers will facilitate the switch from fuel-powered vehicles to electric cars for a green mobility and a cleaner environment. With streets light on every road, it makes sense to incorporate charging stations into the poles. Sensors can also be installed to monitor the quality of air. Moreover, by delivering combined services in one column, cities can significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Connected: free Wi-Fi connectivity is now a prerequisite for any city looking to drive innovation and compete on a globe scale. By integrating WiFi modules and mobile phone antennas into street lights, cities can ensure that next-generation connectivity is accessible to everyone. See how the Shuffle can be fitted with a small cell to enable cities to expand their 4G coverage and increase network capacity in an inconspicuous manner and be ready for 5G coverage in 2020. 

  • Digital: control management systems like Owlet IoT not only enable cities to efficiently manage their energy infrastructure but also to gather important data to gain real-time insights. Based on an open protocol, it collects and transports data coming from all kind of sensors to create an intelligent network infrastructure.
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