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Owlet Nightshift interoperativt nätverk

The Schréder Owlet Nightshift control system monitors, controls, meters and manages outdoor lighting installations

Owlet Nightshift interoperativt nätverk

Complete system with user-friendly interface

The Schr├ęder Owlet Nightshift is a remote control system for monitoring, metering and managing a lighting network.

It is a unique combination of state-of-the-art technology and an easy-to-use web interface to control each luminaire at any time from anywhere in the world.

Thanks to bi-directional communication, operating status, energy consumption and possible failures can be monitored.



  • Fast payback
  • Optimum total cost of ownership
  • Flexibility
  • Asset management
  • Energy savings of up to 85%
  • Compliance with norms
  • Easy installation
  • Reliable network 
  • User-friendly interface

This advanced solution provides: 

  • Secured data storage and a back-up
  • Pre-defined or customised reports to focus on the information you want
  • Third party ERP integration through 
    data bridges
  • Fall-back scenario
  • Data management (energy analysis, problem detection...)
  • Instant alarm management (via sms, mail or mobile)
  • Easy progressive enlargement of network
  • Easy integration of external sensors
  • Absolute compatabilty with any type of lamp, ballast or LED driver.

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