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Schréder offers a wide range of solutions for creating comfortable, safe and sustainable environments including major roads, city centres, parks, tunnels, industrial plants, sport fields, transit zones and campus.

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Solutions for all your environments

Ambiance: pedestrian areas for leisure  Road+Urban: all paths taken to enable people to travel from a to b  Tunnel: underground passageway  Illumination: architectural landscaping or enhancement  Sport: all indoor or outdoor areas for playing or watching sport  Transit: a point where people wait for transport  Industrial: industrial zones such as warehouses or mines  Campus: enclosed environment with diverse purposes 

We provide full scope solutions to enhance people’s life on a daily basis in terms of safety and well-being in the most sustainable way.

Our solutions are adapted to your specific needs to incorporate lighting, intelligent control systems, street furniture, security, signage and many other smart features.

Each solution brings a significant added value for your eco-systems:

  • Ambiance: pedestrian areas for leisure activities such as parks and squares
  • Road+Urban: thoroughfare connecting one location to another like a motorway or bridge
  • Tunnel: underground passageway, only accessible through an entrance and an exit
  • Illumination: architectural landscaping and accentuation for monuments and façades
  • Sport: indoor and outdoor venues for playing or watching sport like a tennis court or ski slope
  • Transit: point where people wait, get on or off a form of transport such as a bus stop or airport
  • Industry: indoor and outdoor industrial zones like warehouses or mines
  • Campus: an enclosed environment for professional, leisure or private purposes like a hospital or shopping centre.


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