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LED generationen

Schréder offers the LED Generation, a generation of luminaires that is innovative, intelligent and responsible

LED generationen

LED Generation: Schréder DNA in LEDs

A lighting revolution is underway and Schréder considers LEDs to be a choice that is at once obvious and ambitious: obvious in the sense that they offer a serious alternative to discharge lamps and ambitious in the sense of providing high-performance Schréder solutions.

Schréder has developed the LED Generation.


A complete range of LED luminaires for all its sectors of activity: road, urban and tunnel lighting as well as the illumination of buildings and monuments.


LED Generation luminaires are efficient, intelligent and reliable

LED Generation luminaires share the same mission: to provide “the right lighting”.
With Schréder, “the right lighting” with LEDs translates into 4 solid commitments:

1. Developing powerful photometric engines that provide the best possible performance from the LEDs. We have honed two photometric designs that are particularly efficient and flexible, in order to meet any type of road or urban lighting application, while obtaining the maximum benefit from LED technology.

2. Reducing energy consumption. Using comparative studies and looking at each project individually, Schréder assists you in calculating the potential savings in terms of both operating costs and CO2 emissions. When coupled with intelligent electronic systems, these savings increase even further.

3. Offering reliable solutions. We have developed systems of thermal management and reinforced tightness in order to guarantee the lifespan of our LED luminaires and the maintenance of their performance over time.

4. Designing progressive technology which ensures that our luminaires will be able to adapt to the technical advances that LEDs will offer in the future.


To learn more about the LED Generation, read our dossier dedicated to this subject.

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