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LED styrd av naturen

LED styrd av naturen

Maximising daylight with artificial light for minimum energy consumption

Natural light is one of the most important elements in architecture, helping to transform spaces and save energy.
Schréder designed the “LED controlled by nature” solution to maximise ambient lighting so that artificial light plays a supporting role in achieving the required lighting level at all times, thus minimising energy consumption.
This flexible and intelligent solution takes full advantage of LED technology so that the initial investment is recovered very quickly. Thanks to the very long life of LEDs, energy and maintenance savings will continue beyond this period.

This innovative solution is ideally suited to various indoor environments such as sporting venues, train stations, shopping centres, art galleries and industrial buildings where the well-being and safety of people is essential.

How it works

The Schréder “LED controlled by nature” solution combines the latest generation LED luminaires, luminosity sensors and a control management system.
It proposes a tailor-made solution for each environment by analysing the specific lighting needs.

The analysis will divide the area to be lit into specific zones to determine where the luminaires and the sensors should be installed.
The sensors permanently measure the lux levels of the ambient lighting and communicate them (via a 0-10V signal) to the control system.
In turn, the control system balances the amount of daylight and artificial light to achieve the agreed levels of lux defined for each zone by adapting the lighting levels of the luminaires (via the DALI protocol) to compensate for the lack of natural light.
The lighting levels are gradually adapted so that people barely notice the light changes, mimicking natural changes in daylight. 

The Schréder “LED controlled by nature” solution connects to the IT network to enable the facility manager to manually change the lighting scenarios and monitor the lighting system. 

Schréder LED controlled by nature solution maximises ambient lighting to reduce artifical light, thus minimising energy costs

This innovative system not only offers the advantage of reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions but also improves comfort and cuts maintenance costs.

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