Design, ambiance and energy efficiency

Key features

  • Versatile range of luminaires to enhance diverse urban landscapes
  • Maximised savings in energy and maintenance costs
  • LensoFlex®2: high performance photometry for comfort and safety
  • LED modules with flexible combinations of LEDs
  • FutureProof
  • Designed to incorporate the Owlet range of control solutions

Versatile range of luminaires to enhance urban landscapes

The Yoa range offers a complete solution to light urban spaces with superior efficiency and a striking design. The range is available in 2 sizes to ensure aesthetic coherence. 
From large avenues to narrow streets and squares, the various configurations with side-entry, post-top and catenary solutions provide aesthetical ensembles to create identity throughout the city landscape.

Cost-effective solution

The Yoa is equipped with the second generation LensoFlex®2 photometric engine which offers a high-performance photometry optimised for each specific application with minimised energy consumption.
The Yoa range offers flexible combinations of LED modules, driving currents and dimming options to provide the most cost-effective solution while improving comfort and safety for people.

Porto Maravhilha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Back light control preventing intrusive light

As an option, some versions of the Yoa can be equipped with a Back Light Control system. Thanks to an additional control plate inside the luminaire body, light spill from the back of the luminaire is minimised to avoid intrusive light on buildings.

ThermiX® for long lasting performance

The Yoa luminaire integrates the ThermiX® concept developped by Schréder. It is based on optimising all the parameters in the thermal management of LEDs to maintain performance over time.

References & Citybooks
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Porto Maravilha
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Porto Maravilha
Porto Maravilha
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Porto Maravilha
Urban roads and streets, squares and pedestrian areas, large areas, residential streets, car parks...



Yoa Midi

Ø: 500mm / 19.7"
H: 90mm / 3.5"

Yoa Maxi

Ø: 650mm / 25.6"
H: 90mm / 3.5"


Technical details

Installation height

3.5 to 10m

Typical luminaire output flux

Midi: 600 to 12000lm
Maxi: 6600 to 19900lm

Colour temperature

Cool, neutral or warm white

Tightness level

Optical compartment: IP 66 (*)
Control gear: IP 66 (*)

Impact resistance (glass)

IK 08 (**)

Nominal voltage

230V - 50Hz / 120V - 60Hz / 277V - 60Hz

Electrical class

EU I or II (*) - US 1

(*) according to IEC - EN 60598
(**) according to IEC - EN 62262
Weight (optical unit only)

Midi: 13kg / 28.6lbs
Maxi: 20kg / 44lbs


Body: Die-cast aluminium
Protector: Glass


AKZO grey 200 sanded

Yoa Drawings
Find the matrices, 2D and 3D files and installation sheets in the Download section