High-power LED solution for lighting the critical entrance zone of tunnels

Key features

  • High-power LED solution to replace HID solutions for the entrance zone
  • Wide range of lighting distributions
  • Easy to dim:
    • can adapt to the different lighting regimes required
    • reduces the quantity of luminaires to be installed 
  • Various mounting options and inclination possibilities on-site for optimal photometry
  • Compact size: for tunnels with restrictive heights and to avoid any damage


Real LED alternative for high-power applications

The OMNIstar is a real alternative to high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps for providing the required lighting levels for the critical entrance area of a tunnel. 
It is designed to meet the different light requirements with easy eye adaptation and excellent visibility for safety while offering a low total cost of ownership.


Modular approach for performance and flexibility

The OMNIstar can be fitted with both LensoFlex®2 photometric engines and reflectors that can be combined to provide a customised light distribution. 
With on-site photometric adjustment, the OMNIstar guarantees the perfect lighting with high visual comfort, excellent uniformity and optimum colour rendition to ensure safety and well-being. 

Queens Midtown Tunnel - New York

Cost-effective solution

Equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology for high performance, a long lifespan and an effective thermal management (Ta from -35°C to 55°C), the OMNIstar guarantees an energy efficient solution that will reduce energy and maintenance costs. 
The OMNIstar can also be fitted with the Owlet range of control solutions (daylight sensors, dimming, remote management...) to enable you to further maximise energy savings by adapting the lighting levels according to the real needs.  



The OMNIstar has been designed to fulfil the FutureProof concept. The LED engine can be easily replaced to take advantage of future technological developments.



Top view

L: 532mm • H: 530mm

Side view

W: 80mm


Technical details

Lumen package range (nominal flux)

Mono: 32,600 - 47,500lm

Colour temperature

Neutral white

Optical compartment tightness level

IP 66 (*)

Impact resistance

IK 08 (**)

Nominal voltage

120 - 277V - 50 - 60Hz

Electrical class

I or II (*) - US 1

Surge protection


(*) according to IEC - EN 60598
(**) according to IEC - EN 62262
Weight (optical unit only)



Body: High-pressure die-cast aluminium
Protector: Glass


AKZO grey 900 sanded

Schreder Omnistar drawing
Find the matrices, 2D and 3D files and installation sheets in the Download section