Continous line lighting for tunnels

Key features

  • High visual comfort through continuous line lighting
  • Proven photometry with LensoFlex®2
  • Flexible number of LED modules and photometry
  • Savings in energy and maintenance costs
  • LEDSafe® and ThermiX®
  • FutureProof
  • External driver box

Performing solution with minimum energy consumption

The ContiLED is equipped with second generation LensoFlex®2 photometric engines which offer high-performing photometry optimised for tunnel lighting with minimum energy consumption.  
An external driver box can be equipped with a remote management system to futher maximise energy savings and provide the most cost-effective solution.  

Right lighting 

The ContiLED is equipped with photometric engines composed of modular quantities of LEDs (from 4 to 16) so that it can provide a range of lumen packages. 
This flexibility ensures that the light distributions are specifically adapted to the real needs of the tunnel.    

References & Citybooks
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Bevrijding Tunnel
Antwerp, Belgium
Bevrijding Tunnel
Bevrijding Tunnel
Antwerp, Belgium
Bevrijding Tunnel
Urban roads and streets, squares and pedestrian areas, large areas, residential streets, car parks...


The ContiLED luminaire has been designed to fulfil the FutureProof concept. 
The LED modules are located on an internal slider which can be easily removed, allowing on-site replacement at the end of its service life to take advantage of future technological developments.  

Resists harsh tunnel environments

The ContiLED is composed of robust materials - an anodised extruded aluminium profile and a glass protector - making it highly resistant to shocks and corrosion within harsh tunnel environments. 



Side view

L: 1200mm

Front view

W: 124mm • H: 67mm

Technical details

Tightness level

Optical compartment: IP 66 LEDSafe®(*)

Impact resistance (glass)

IK 08 (**)

Nominal voltage

230V - 50Hz

Electrical class

I or II (*)

(*) according to IEC - EN 60598
(**) according to IEC - EN 62262



Body: Anodised extruded aluminium
Protector: Glass
End caps: Painted die-cast aluminium


AKZO grey 900 sanded

Schreder ContiLED drawing
Find the matrices, 2D and 3D files and installation sheets in the Download section