Comprehensive LED lighting for road & urban applications

Key features

  • Cost-effective and efficient lighting solution for a fast return on investment
  • Smart City connectivity
  • Photometric engine with photometry adapted to various applications
  • ThermiX® + FutureProof
  • Systems for autonomous and interoperable networks
  • Post-top and side-entry mounting for pole Ø32 to 60 (side) and Ø60 and Ø76 (top)

Minimum investment for fast payback

The Axia 2 represents the state-of-the-art in the design of LED luminaires at a surprisingly affordable price. Building on the strengths of the original ground-breaking Axia luminaire, this second generation luminaire is designed to be the ultimate multi-purpose luminaire, providing a cost effective solution to those looking to reduce their energy costs.
The Axia 2 offers all the advantages of LED lighting, without the high cost associated with LEDs.
The Axia 2 range is the perfect solution for replacing luminaires fitted with high-pressure sodium, metal halide and other HID lamps.

Absolute flexibility

The Axia 2 is available in 2 different sizes - Axia 2.1 and Axia 2.2 - to offer flexibility and aesthetic coherence throughout your landscape.
It provides lumen packages specifically adapted to lighting roads, streets, parks and pedestrian areas where the safety and comfort of people is essential.  
The Axia 2 is designed for side-entry and post-top mounting to suit your needs. It can be adapted on-site thanks to an incorporated inclination system to guarantee the ideal photometry for the real needs of the area to be lit.

MondoJuve shopping centre, Italy

Smart city connectivity

The Axia 2 is equipped with the latest generation P7 NEMA socket which means that network managers can either take full advantage of a control management system (CMS) or initially benefit from a photocell before upgrading to a CMS at a later date.
The Axia 2 range can be fitted with several control options and is fully compatible with the Owlet range of control solutions. Designed to operate in either stand-alone mode, as an autonomous network or as an interoperable network, Owlet offers control solutions that give managers complete control over their LED network - with the ability to vary lighting levels to suit changing local needs over time, or immediately in response to local events.
By connecting lights through a wireless network, further IoT applications can also be added quickly and cost-effectively. These include using connected streetlights as a communications hub for sensors such as traffic radar, to connect new control applications such as smart parking, or integrating lighting-based analytics with other smart city systems.

Consistency of performance over time

The Axia 2 luminaires boast an IP 66 tightness level and high impact resistance of minimum IK 08 to withstand harsh environmental conditions in the long term. 
The Axia 2 range also integrates the ThermiX® concept developped by Schréder to maintain performance over time.

References & Citybooks
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Mondojuve Shopping Centre Turin
Nichelino, Italy
Mondojuve Shopping Centre Turin
Mondojuve Shopping Centre Turin
Nichelino, Italy
Mondojuve Shopping Centre Turin
Urban roads and streets, squares and pedestrian areas, large areas, residential streets, car parks...



Axia 2.1

L: 650mm
H: 103mm
W: 250mm

Axia 2.2

W: 895mm
H: 116mm
W: 300mm


Technical details

Lumen package range (nominal flux)

1,000 to 17,800lm

Optical compartment tightness level

IP 66 (*)

Control gear tightness level    

IP 66 (*)

Impact resistance

IK 08 (**)

Nominal voltage

220-240V - 50/60Hz

Electrical class

I or II (*)

(*) according to IEC - EN 60598
(**) according to IEC - EN 62262

Axia 2.1: 7kg
Axia 2.2: 10kg


Body: High-pressure die-cast aluminium
Protector: Polycarbonate


RAL 7040
Any other RAL colour upon request

Axia drawing
Find the matrices, 2D and 3D files and installation sheets in the Download section