Combining LED technology and experience for an optimised investment

Key features

  • Quality by Design to minimise your Total Cost of Ownership
  • 3 sizes for flexibility and aesthetic consistency
  • LensoFlex®2: 23 performing photometries
  • Wide range of lumen packages: from 800 up to 35,200lm
  • On-site adjustable inclination angle
  • ThermiX®: resists high temperatures (Ta 50°C)
  • FutureProof
  • Mounting with two separated parts for easy installation
References & Citybooks
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Brussels Motorway LED Lighting Scheme
Brussels, Belgium
Brussels Motorway LED Lighting Scheme
Super U Supermarket
Montmélian, France
Super U Supermarket
Brussels Motorway LED Lighting Scheme
Brussels, Belgium
Brussels Motorway LED Lighting Scheme
Super U Supermarket
Montmélian, France
Super U Supermarket
Urban roads and streets, squares and pedestrian areas, large areas, residential streets, car parks...

Quality by design

The Ampera was developed using a systematic approach to evaluate the added value of each component. Every detail was analysed and all the unnecessary elements were removed to provide maximum performance without compromising on the Schréder quality. With this tremendous efficiency, a long lifespan and limited maintenance requirements, the Ampera range enables you to minimise your Total Cost of Ownership.

3 sizes for flexibility and aesthetic consistency

This range was developed to incorporate 3 different sizes of luminaire to offer maximum flexibility and aesthetic coherence for town and city centres. 
Roads, streets, pedestrian areas and bike paths can all be lit using the same luminaire design.

Brussels Motorway Led lighting scheme

LensoFlex®2 for performance with safety and comfort

The Ampera luminaire is equipped with second generation LensoFlex®2 photometric engines that have been specifically developed for lighting spaces where the
well-being and safety of people using the environments are essential. 
This system is based upon the addition principle of photometric distribution. Each LED is associated with a specific lens that generates the complete photometric distribution of the luminaire.


The Ampera is FutureProof. Both the LED engine and the electronic assembly can be replaced, without any tools, to take advantage of future technological developments.  

Back light control to prevent intrusive light

As an option, the Ampera can be equipped with a Back Light Control System.
Thanks to an additional control plate inside the luminaire body, light spill from the back of the luminaire is minimised to avoid intrusive light on buildings.


Dimensions top view


L: 583mm • W: 340mm


L: 674mm • W: 436mm


L: 900mm • W: 438mm

Dimensions side view


H: 90mm


L: 132mm


L: 135mm


Technical details

Installation height

4 to 12m

Lumen package range (luminaire flux)

Mini: 800 to 8,900lm
Midi: 3,400 to 23,300lm
Maxi: 8,400 to 35,200lm

Power consumption

Mini: 10 to 76W
Midi: 36 to 201W
Maxi: 86 to 279W

Colour temperature

Cool, neutral or warm white

Optical compartment tightness level

IP 66 (*)

Control gear tightness level

IP 66 (*)

Impact resistance (glass)

IK 09 (**)

Nominal voltage

120 - 277V - 50 - 60Hz

Electrical class 

I or II (*) - US 1

(*) according to IEC - EN 60598
(**) according to IEC - EN 62262
Weight (optical unit only)

Mini: 7.8kg
Midi: 11.5kg
Maxi: 18.1kg


Body: High-pressure die-cast aluminium
Protector: Glass


AKZO grey 900 sanded

Schreder Ampera drawing
Find the matrices, 2D and 3D files and installation sheets in the Download section