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ZEBRA - Pedestrian Crossing - Optic

Safety and efficiency for pedestrian crossings

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Lighting pedestrian crossings enables pedestrians to be very visible for approaching drivers, by creating a true contrast between the crossing and the road surface. This is achieved by using an asymmetrical light distribution that provides a high vertical illuminance level on the pedestrian from the driver's position.

At the same time, the pedestrian crossing itself receives a high horizontal illuminance level, revealing its position from a long distance. White light combined with a sharp asymmetrical light distribution provides a very efficient solution for lighting pedestrian crossings.



The LensoFlex®2 photometric engine integrated in the Schréder luminaires helps reduce dramatically the frequency and the seriousness of accidents in critical zones, such as school areas, heavy traffic roads and other dangerous situations.

The luminaires chosen to light pedestrian crossings should have a high level of tightness (at least IP 66), in order to maintain the initial performance for as long as possible over the lifetime of the installation.



The integration of these dedicated lighting distributions in the LensoFlex®2 range means that the same luminaire can light a whole street including the pedestrian crossings, ensuring aesthetic consistency in the urban landscape.




AMPERA: LED solution for an optimised investment

The Ampera range sets a new benchmark in LED lighting with performing and flexible solutions that lead to the shortest payback time.
With its tremendous efficiency, its long lifespan and its limited maintenance requirements, the Ampera range enables you to minimise your Total Cost of Ownership.


TECEO: Lighting in an efficient and sustainable manner

The flexibility of the Teceo luminaires ensures that the light distributions are specifically adapted to the real needs of the area to be lit.
For optimal photometric performance, these LED urban luminaires and can be adapted on-site, as well as equipped with a variety of drivers and dimming options.
The Teceo luminaires can integrate the Owlet range of control solutions to operate either in stand-alone mode, in an autonomous network or an interoperable network.


VOLTANA: The ultimate, cost-effective, performing family of luminaires that pays for itself

The Voltana luminaires deliver sustainable lighting solutions that can dramatically reduce energy consumption and improve lighting levels with the lowest investment.


PIANO: The ideal instrument for urban environments

The high-quality finishing and aesthetic design of the Piano, compliments and enhances any landscape.
The Piano luminaire family offers towns and cities the ideal tool to improve lighting levels, generate energy savings and reduce their ecological footprint, through a combination of performance, design and flexibility.


NEOS LED: Luminaires combining aesthetics anb efficacy

Due to its flexibility of mounting, the Neos LED range allows a total versatility of association with a lot of poles and brackets.
Thanks to the Owlet Control Solutions, which can save up to 75% more energy than other traditional light sources, the Neos LED luminaires contribute to the effective management of public finances and to the responsible use of energy.


YOA: Energy efficient urban lighting solutions with a touch of ambiance

The YOA luminaire offers an outstanding finish, particularly noticeable thanks to its elaborated crown and its patterned glass protector associated with an embelishment plate for a detailed aesthetic finish.
The YOA luminaire integrates the ThermiX® concept developped by Schréder, to control heat loss.
It is based on optimising all the parameters in the thermal management of LEDs to preserve the luminaire performance over time.


CMS LED: Elegant and successful design with state-of-the-art LED technology

The CMS LED range of luminaires combines its three models – Citea LED, Maya LED and Scala LED – with the most accurate LED technology, offering complete lighting solutions which are more efficient and sustainable while ensuring well-being and security for users.
CMS LED luminaires are designed to meet the requirements of the FutureProof concept.
The optical unit can be easily removed, allowing real on-site replacement at the end of its service life in order to take advantage of future technological developments.


CITEA NG: Timeless design with state-of-the-art performance

The Citea New Generation has been designed to incorporate the latest generation LEDs and optics.
With suspended or side-entry mounting options, the Citea New Generation can be installed on various brackets (simple, double, wall) and columns for a perfect integration into the landscape.



Schreder has designed specific LensoFlex®2 photometric distributions to meet the challenge of securing pedestrian crossings while ensuring an aesthetic coherence for the urban landscape.

The new 5144 and 5145 LensoFlex®2 photometries - known as Zebra - are specifically dedicated to pedestrian crossing applications and are available for a wide range of Schréder luminaires.


LED optic 5144 - Asymmetrical

LED optic 5145 - Asymmetrical




One-way traffic: One single luminaire is able to light a pedestrian crossing for a 2-lane road.   One-way traffic - 3 lane road: A second luminaire will be necessary at the opposite side of the road.   Two-way traffic - 3 lane road: A minimum of 2 luminaires is necessary to create a positive contrast for traffic in both directions.

Główne zalety Secures pedestrian crossings Reduces risks of accidents High energy savings Low maintenance costs Long lifespan Optimum total cost of ownership LensoFlex®2 photometric engines Flexibility

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