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 Savings: Pay less, get more 

Reducing expenditure while improving safety and enhancing landscapes is your priority.

At Schréder, we share your concerns.

We constantly use the upmost technological innovations - including high performing LEDs and advanced control systems - to provide lighting solutions with maximum performance without compromising on quality.

They enable you to minimise your total cost of ownership and provide a short payback time (less than 5 years).

Smart lighting solutions

We develop our luminaires with a design-to-cost philosophy.

By combining the best components and materials and by optimising all resources, we guarantee LED luminaires with

  • tremendous efficiency
  • a long lifespan and
  • limited maintenance requirements.

All of our luminaires can be equipped with a variety of different control systems such as motion detection or daylight sensors, dimming or even a remote management system to provide energy savings of up to 85%.

In addition these smart control systems manage expenses more efficiently, improve maintenance and asset management and provide increased safety with enhanced well-being for their citizens.

In short, a Schréder smart lighting solution is synonymous with savings in investment, installation, energy and maintenance.

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