M30 Tunnel - Madrid

Quality lighting and visual comfort





The M30 motorway was transformed by the construction of over 48km of tunnels in 2007. Schréder provided no less than 27,000 luminaires to light these tunnels, including the longest urban tunnel (7.5km) in Europe.
With heavy traffic density (over 300,000 cars per day) a robust luminaire with superior photometric efficiency was essential. The FV1 fitted with an extremely pure aluminium reflector with a reflection co-efficient of 92% was selected. They provide an asymmetrical lighting solution to balance the luminance levels of the road and walls. T5 fluorescent lamps were chosen to provide a white light (4000K) for safety and excellent visual comfort. The control system, which utilises the DALI protocol, achieves the required luminance level of 4.5cd/m² day and night.
AF4 luminaires, fitted with 250W and 400W metal halide lamps were installed for the boost lighting to reinforce the white light while maximising visual comfort.

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