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Maasbracht town centre

Shuffle provides a future-looking solution for its first installation in the Netherlands

With its river and woods, the town of Maasbracht is a great spot for people who want to spend time outdoors or simply enjoy the local countryside. Indeed, the local authorities are very conscious of putting the necessary infrastructure in place for people to take full advantage of the outdoor environment.

When they built a new square between a school and an apartment complex, they knew that the lighting was critical to create a space where people would feel safe and want to spend time. They wanted an original lighting structure that would be energy efficient and could adapt to future technologies.

The Shuffle was the perfect solution. The local authorities have chosen to install the Shuffle with two light modules. One provides the general lighting for the square while the second illuminates different features on the square. As it is installed between a school and residential housing, it will welcome people wanting to use the square for different reasons. In the future, once the local authorities have been able to determine what the people using it would like to be able to do, they will be able to integrate other features into the Shuffle such as a security camera, WiFi or loudspeaker.

A total of 7 Shuffle columns have been installed, creating a safe and pleasant environment, both during the day and at night.

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