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Bra city centre redevelopment

New lighting provides comfort and safety for residents and visitors while reducing energy and operating costs

The city of Bra is in full preparation for the 2017 edition of Cheese, a bi-annual international festival for the dairy industry. To ensure another successful event, the local authorities redeveloped several streets in the city centre after receiving funds from the regional “Trade Paths” programme. Via Vittorio Emanuele and Via Principi di Piemonte have been completely renovated. Pavements were enlarged while the parking spaces were aligned with the road to create more coherent open spaces. In fact, a new square was created in front of the city’s historical bank, Cassa di Risparmio di Bra.
It was an ambitious project to improve trade and tourism in the city”, explains Bruna Sibille, the Mayor, “an investment to enrich this international event which plays a large role in the economy of our city. Via Vittorio and Via Principi are commercial arteries for residents, visitors and tourists. We decided to completely renovate these streets by improving the roads, pavements and street furniture. We installed new lighting that keeps the space on the ground free while reducing energy and operating costs.”
On Via Principi, 10 Dexo luminaires (64 LEDs - 99W) were installed, replacing the previous fixtures fitted with 150W high-pressure sodium lamps. The soft white light generated by the new lighting creates a safe and comfortable environment so that residents and visitors can make the most of the new square.
The lighting has also been replaced on Piazzo Carlo Alberto, one of the main squares in the city centre which is just off Via Principi. A total of 20 Teceo luminaires were installed to offer a safe and convenient space to park cars before taking a stroll in the newly renovated city centre.
Thanks to these measures, the city of Bra continues to pursue its objective of reducing its environmental footprint by choosing cutting-edge technologies.

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