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Schréder provides 100% LED solution for Rebaudengo Station in Turin

11/06/2013, LED | Projektek

Distinctive and unmistakably modern, this strategic hub is used by thousands of people on a daily basis. A highly effective and sustainable lighting solution is necessary to safely guide them and enhance their sense of well-being in this confined space.


Madureira Park sparkles at night thanks to Schréder’s sustainable lighting solution

04/04/2013, LED | Projektek

Located in a built-up area of Rio de Janeiro, this park has transformed the quality of life for residents. The 3rd largest park in the city, it boasts a multitude of landscapes from a skate park to an amphitheatre which have all been lit by Schréder.


Complete solution ensuring safety and well-being for commuters in Landen

28/02/2013, LED | Projektek

Schréder has helped transformed the daily landscape for the many commuters in Landen by providing a range of lighting solutions with complementary urban furniture.


Schréder chosen by the European Commission to help promote LED technology

04/01/2013, LED | Rendezvények | Vállalati hírek

Schréder won the open Call for Sponsors by the European Commission to create an interactive LED lighting installation - “Shapes of Light” - for its headquarters in the Berlaymont building in Brussels.


First prize for Auroralia 2012 Award goes to the city of Ghent!

10/12/2012, Rendezvények | Vállalati hírek

The winners of the Auroralia 2012 Award were announced on 7th December at a prize ceremony in Lyon. First prize was awarded to the city of Ghent for its Rational Use of Energy project. The cities of Valença and Los Angeles won second and third prize.


Isla LED provides a new lease of life for Buin, Chile

27/11/2012, LED | Projektek

The city of Buin required a lighting solution that would provide significant energy savings, safety and ambiance. The Isla LED delivered all this and more.


Ampera crowned by 2013 Next Generation Luminaires Outdoor Competition

27/02/2014, LED | Termékek

Sponsored by the US Department of Energy, Illuminating Engineering Society and International Association of Lighting Designers, this award aims to encourage technical innovation and promote excellence in the design of energy-efficient LED luminaires.


Energy efficient LED lighting solution improves security and well-being for passengers in Brussels metro station

24/02/2014, LED | Projektek

Aumale station, the first in Belgium to be completely lit by LED luminaires, was inaugurated on 11th February. This lighting upgrade not only improves visibility for a more secure and convivial ambiance but also reduces energy consumption by 50%!


Grand Place, Brussels has been completely transformed by a 100% LED lighting solution

09/01/2014, LED | Projektek

On an initiative of the City of Brussels and in collaboration with Beliris, all 27 buildings on Grand Place have a new allure thanks to a permanent light and sound installation. Recently inaugurated, the new lighting generates energy savings of 80%.


Schréder supports the Lyon Light Festival with Street Score, a light and sound show

16/12/2013, Rendezvények | Vállalati hírek

The Lyon Light Festival, an annual event in the lighting calendar that is not to be missed! Partner of the city, Schréder strongly supports and fully participates in this festival. This year, we sponsored Street Score, a light and sound show.

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