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Schréder Magyarország néven folytatja a Tungsram-Schréder

04/03/2018, Vállalati hírek

A belga székhelyű Schréder családi vállalkozásként indult, mára világméretű világítsátechnikai cégcsoporttá formálódott. A változás lekövetése érdekében a magyarországi leányvállalat úgy döntött, a külföldi testvérekhez hasonlóan Schréder néven folytatja tovább működését.


A Fizika Mindenkié 4.0

04/03/2018, Rendezvények

Immáron negyedik alkalommal támogatjuk A Fizika Mindenkié 4.0 rendezvénysorozatot.


Legyen világosság - Sajtóközlemény

04/03/2018, Vállalati hírek

Budapest, 2018. március 1. - A sajtóban az utóbbi hetekben megjelent találgatásokra és félinformációkra reagálva, a Tungsram-Schréder a következőkről kívánja tájékoztatni a média képviselőit és a lakosságot:


Light + Building 2018

04/03/2018, Rendezvények | Termékek | Vállalati hírek

2018 márciusában nyitja meg kapuit a legnagyobb világítástechnikai szakkiállítás a Light+Building. Látogasson meg bennünket az 5-ös csarnok B46A standján, és tekintse meg újdonságainkat!


Meet Schréder at Smart City Expo 2017 to discover solutions that will enable you to create safer, sustainable and connected cities

02/11/2017, Rendezvények | Vállalati hírek

Smart City Expo is the world’s largest smart city trade fair and will take place in Barcelona from 14th to 16th November. It is the ideal opportunity for Schréder to showcase its technology that enables cities to transform its infrastructure to achieve a sustainable society where economic and environmental needs are addressed in a balanced way. Meet us on stand F646.


Visit us on stand S09 at PLDC 2017 in Paris

19/09/2017, Rendezvények | Vállalati hírek

Schréder is pleased to support this bi-annual event once again and welcome the participants on our stand. Discover firsthand our new ILUM range and chat with our experts on how you can use light and smart technologies to unleash your ideas and transform public spaces.


Schréder delivers a unique LED lighting solution for Kilkenny’s new bridge while preserving the local landscape

12/09/2017, LED | Projektek

The St. Francis Bridge was inaugurated in May 2017 to alleviate traffic in this popular tourist destination. As the local authorities did not want to install any lighting columns on the bridge to protect the local environment, Schréder took up the challenge to provide a sustainable lighting solution that would ensure safety for all at night.


Shuffle creates the first smart environment in Budapest to celebrate the FINA World Aquatics Championships 2017

26/07/2017, LED | Projektek | Rendezvények

The Shuffle ensures a safe and enjoyable passage for all the athletes and spectactors making their way to the main venue as it not only lights the way but also provides free WiFi. By choosing the Shuffle, the city of Budapest is showing how it can leverage technology to turn its smart city ambitions into reality.


Schréder wins smart city award!

16/05/2017, Rendezvények | Vállalati hírek

Schréder, in partnership with Atkins Global, has won the first design competition in The City Centre’s A Smarter City competition. The aim of the competition was to highlight the potential benefits of implementing smart technologies in London’s Square Mile.


Visit us at CeBIT 2017 to discover solutions that will enable you to fully embrace the digital era of lighting

10/03/2017, Rendezvények | Vállalati hírek

Schréder is exhibiting solutions that propose connectivity, far beyond controlling light at CeBIT 2017 in Hannover from 20th to 24th March. Visit us on stand A14 in Hall 7 to discover solutions that can enable you to enter the digital era of lighting, create engaging experiences for the users of your spaces, while delivering strong operational benefits for you.


Schréder installs the first Wi-Fi streetlight in the UK

05/01/2017, LED | Projektek

MK Dons FC in Milton Keynes chose to install the Shuffle, Schréder’s smart, modular and interactive column designed to encourage social connectivity, outside its stadium. The Shuffle offers visitors multiple connected services integrated in a single column. As well as removing the need to create separate solutions, it presents a more modern and iconic face to the MK Dons Box Office and Superstore.


Schréder to shed light in the Queens-Midtown Tunnel, New York City

22/12/2016, LED | Projektek

Schréder has partnered with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority - Bridges and Tunnels (MTABT) to supply LED lighting fixtures to light the revitalized Queens-Midtown Tunnel in New York. Following damage incurred by Superstorm Sandy in 2012, the new lighting in the repaired tunnel will reduce the city’s energy consumption, reduce CO2 emissions, and assure a safe passage through the tunnel for all users.


Schréder installs the Shuffle at its Belgian R&D Centre to recharge electric cars

18/12/2016, Termékek | Vállalati hírek

As electric cars gain popularity, towns and cities need the necessary infrastructure to enable this switch to sustainable mobility. Visitors to Schréder’s R&D centre in Belgium can now test drive the EV charger of the Shuffle with an electric car, to see what an intelligent solution this multi-functional column really is for embracing today’s challenges.



11/12/2016, Vállalati hírek

Schréder, a worldwide leader in intelligent outdoor lighting solutions, has become a partner of the Smart City Institute, a non-profit organisation that aims to stimulate research, teaching, innovation and entrepreneurship to enable smart cities.


New lighting scheme from Schréder helps to create high-quality, safe and welcoming environment in Bradford city centre

05/12/2016, LED | Projektek

Schréder has provided a new lighting scheme to Bradford City Council as part of a redevelopment plan to regenerate the city centre and attract new investment. The new lighting has transformed the city centre into a welcoming environment while reducing energy costs by 46%!


Schréder lights the A2 motorway in the Netherlands, the widest motorway in the world to be lit by LED luminaires

24/11/2016, LED | Projektek

Schréder has delivered more than 600 Teceo luminaires to light a section of the A2 motorway between Maarssen and Holendrecht in the Netherlands. This motorway is one of the busiest in the country and incorporates up to 12 lanes in certain sections. The Teceo ensures the correct lighting levels to guarantee safety for all motorists while helping Rijkswaterstaat achieve its objectives of an energy neutral infrastructure.


Schréder lights the new MTK Stadium in Budapest, the first in Eastern Europe to be lit exclusively by LED technology

10/11/2016, LED | Projektek

The OMNIblast lights this innovative stadium thanks to its high performance and flexibility. It provides the required lighting levels for UEFA and FIFA matches and meets the strict criteria for high-definition broadcasting. It also provides theatrical lighting effects to boost excitement for the ultimate fan experience. All, with low operating costs.


‘Product of the Year’ for the Shuffle!

08/11/2016, Termékek | Vállalati hírek

The Shuffle - a smart, interactive lighting column designed to encourage social connectivity in towns and cities - was awarded ‘Product of the Year’ at the HEA Awards 2016. The award was given at the HEA annual dinner and awards ceremony on Thursday 3rd November at the Celtic Manor and Resort in Wales.


OMNIstar by Schréder improves visibility while cutting energy costs by 77% for CLC fuel storage facility near Lisbon, Portugal

28/09/2016, LED | Projektek

A total of 181 OMNIstar luminaires have been installed on the existing 25m high masts over the 60-acre terrain. They not only improve visibility for a safer working environment but dramatically cut energy costs by 77%!



19/09/2016, LED | Vállalati hírek

LED lighting solutions have revolutionised the lighting industry. Recent reports have stated that certain LEDs emitting a white light with a blue hue are harmful for people and wildlife. As safety and comfort have always been at the heart of our lighting solutions, we believe that well designed LED lighting solutions can offer many advantages while creating environments where the safety and well-being of the people using them are paramount.


SCULP floodlights highlight the majestic architecture of the Aqueduct of Vanvitelli in Italy

07/09/2016, LED | Projektek

The local authorities wanted this architectural feat to create a “beacon in the night” to emphasise the cultural importance of this historic area outside of Naples in Italy. An easy mission for the SCULP floodlights which bathe the bridge in in a white and amber light while keeping energy and maintenance costs to a minimum.


Schréder, shining light on the regeneration of Rio de Janeiro

08/08/2016, LED | Projektek

With the sports event of the year due to start in a few days, Schréder is delighted to have provided lighting solutions to guide people in complete safety and comfort through the key landmarks of Rio de Janeiro!


The Flemish Ministry of Transport and Mobility chose the Teceo to light a pilot LED motorway project in Antwerp

25/07/2016, LED | Projektek

After the first positive results of a pilot LED lighting project on the A12, the Ministry has decided to extend this project to further evaluate the effects of LED lighting, particularly for improving visibility and generating energy savings.


Shuffle contributes to transforming Saint Pierre Square into A vibrant connected environment in the heart of Toulouse's city centre

19/07/2016, LED | Projektek

As part of a regeneration plan, the Shuffle, fitted with light, camera and WiFi modules, has played a key role in the revitalisation of Saint Pierre Square, increasing its appeal and creating a location that meets the social needs of the local community.



21/05/2013, LED | Projektek

The 6-lane Anderlecht section of the ring road around Brussels has the highest traffic density in Belgium as commuters travel in and out of the capital city and vehicles transit from the coast to mainland Europe. In 2012, the Brussels-Capital region decided to take advantage of new LED technology to replace the luminaires equipped with low-pressure sodium lamps lighting this 6km long section.


Piano provides energy efficient lighting for Portuguese village

02/03/2012, LED | Projektek

The Piano luminaire offered the perfect all encompassing solution for re-lighting the main road through Vila Nova da Barquinha. Energy efficiency, photometry adapted to specific applications and aesthetics - all in a day's work for the Piano luminaire.


Perla steals the show outside Bradford’s Alhambra Theatre

09/02/2012, LED | Projektek

Alhambra theatre is one of the main city centre attractions in Bradford, England. When the opportunity to re-light the area outside the theatre came up, the City Council chose the our decorative Perla LED luminaire to help create a stunning visual impact.


High technology lighting for modern Jagiellonian University Campus

06/01/2012, LED | Projektek

Efficiency, sustainability and safety were the objectives when lighting the new grounds of this well known university. The Piano luminaire surpassed this goal by providing comfort and ambiance as well.


Perla transforms busy business district in the heart of Brussels

21/11/2012, LED | Projektek

The Perla has transformed the popular business district beside Gare du Nord, one of Brussel’s main train stations. The Perla has improved the lighting levels to create a safe and convivial environment for the many passengers who pass through every day.


Dynamic lighting creates ambiance and energy savings for prestigious Grand Place, Brussels

25/10/2012, LED | Projektek

Grand Place, Brussels is renowned worldwide for its architectural wealth. An UNESCO world heritage site, this memorable landmark will benefit from a stunning nocturnal ambiance thanks to a Schréder LED lighting solution.


Energy savings and striking visual ambiance for Durham Castle

07/09/2012, LED | Projektek

The Neos LED has created a magical nocturnal ambiance for Durham Castle, a World Heritage Site. The new lighting scheme has created a remarkable landmark to enhance the skyline and strengthen the city’s identity with generous energy savings.


Weymouth Bay - venue for the 2012 Olympics - transformed by “Light Veils”

07/08/2012, LED | Projektek

Schréder developed a custom made LED lighting solution for a unique experience in Weymouth Bay. As the main venue for all Olympic sailing competitions, the town is taking advantage of the international spotlight to create a distinctive identity.


Ambiance and sense of well being for urban park in Braganca

19/07/2012, LED | Projektek

Schréder LED lighting solution contributes to transforming Mae d’Agua park into a welcoming and secure urban space, where the residents want to gather. The Perla and Neos LED luminaires provide a sustainable, convivial and aesthetic lighting solution.


Schréder provides lighting for EURO 2012

12/06/2012, Projektek | Rendezvények

Schréder provides lighting for two of the main stadiums - Olympic Stadium in Kiev and National Stadium in Warsaw - that are hosting the European Football Championship in Poland and Ukraine from 8th June to 1st July.


ModulLum proves the perfect fit for urban regeneration project

22/05/2012, Projektek

The ModulLum is a stylish, contemporary fitting ideal for enhancing new developments or public space. It has recently proved its worth again on a major commercial scheme in Liege, Belgium.


Visit Schreder at Lighting+Building 2012

23/03/2012, Rendezvények | Vállalati hírek

Schréder will be showcasing its new LED products at Light+Building. Discover how you can satisfy lighting standards while reducing energy consumption and your ecological footprint by visiting our stand.


Dynamic illumination for emblematic project in the heart of Concepción, Chile

19/07/2013, LED | Projektek

The FIUC building of the University of Concepción in Chile suffered considerable damage during the devastating earthquake in 2010. The University decided to create a landmark in the city by renovating the façade with a more vibrant look.


Lighting solution provides maximum safety for NATO Tunnel, Brussels

10/07/2013, Projektek

Built to increase accessibility to the new NATO headquarters and nearby companies, the NATO Tunnel markedly improves mobility in the area. Schréder has shown its expertise in tunnel lighting by providing a high-performing solution that guarantees safety.


Schréder provides 100% LED solution for Rebaudengo Station in Turin

11/06/2013, LED | Projektek

Distinctive and unmistakably modern, this strategic hub is used by thousands of people on a daily basis. A highly effective and sustainable lighting solution is necessary to safely guide them and enhance their sense of well-being in this confined space.


Madureira Park sparkles at night thanks to Schréder’s sustainable lighting solution

04/04/2013, LED | Projektek

Located in a built-up area of Rio de Janeiro, this park has transformed the quality of life for residents. The 3rd largest park in the city, it boasts a multitude of landscapes from a skate park to an amphitheatre which have all been lit by Schréder.


Complete solution ensuring safety and well-being for commuters in Landen

28/02/2013, LED | Projektek

Schréder has helped transformed the daily landscape for the many commuters in Landen by providing a range of lighting solutions with complementary urban furniture.


Schréder chosen by the European Commission to help promote LED technology

04/01/2013, LED | Rendezvények | Vállalati hírek

Schréder won the open Call for Sponsors by the European Commission to create an interactive LED lighting installation - “Shapes of Light” - for its headquarters in the Berlaymont building in Brussels.


First prize for Auroralia 2012 Award goes to the city of Ghent!

10/12/2012, Rendezvények | Vállalati hírek

The winners of the Auroralia 2012 Award were announced on 7th December at a prize ceremony in Lyon. First prize was awarded to the city of Ghent for its Rational Use of Energy project. The cities of Valença and Los Angeles won second and third prize.


Isla LED provides a new lease of life for Buin, Chile

27/11/2012, LED | Projektek

The city of Buin required a lighting solution that would provide significant energy savings, safety and ambiance. The Isla LED delivered all this and more.


Ampera crowned by 2013 Next Generation Luminaires Outdoor Competition

27/02/2014, LED | Termékek

Sponsored by the US Department of Energy, Illuminating Engineering Society and International Association of Lighting Designers, this award aims to encourage technical innovation and promote excellence in the design of energy-efficient LED luminaires.


Energy efficient LED lighting solution improves security and well-being for passengers in Brussels metro station

24/02/2014, LED | Projektek

Aumale station, the first in Belgium to be completely lit by LED luminaires, was inaugurated on 11th February. This lighting upgrade not only improves visibility for a more secure and convivial ambiance but also reduces energy consumption by 50%!


Grand Place, Brussels has been completely transformed by a 100% LED lighting solution

09/01/2014, LED | Projektek

On an initiative of the City of Brussels and in collaboration with Beliris, all 27 buildings on Grand Place have a new allure thanks to a permanent light and sound installation. Recently inaugurated, the new lighting generates energy savings of 80%.


Schréder supports the Lyon Light Festival with Street Score, a light and sound show

16/12/2013, Rendezvények | Vállalati hírek

The Lyon Light Festival, an annual event in the lighting calendar that is not to be missed! Partner of the city, Schréder strongly supports and fully participates in this festival. This year, we sponsored Street Score, a light and sound show.


New LED lighting scheme improves safety and sense of well-being for Therapia Lane

26/11/2013, LED | Projektek

The Axia and Teceo luminaires are set to transform the Croydon Tramlink into a first class transport system by providing a sense of safety and well-being to enhance the passenger experience. Moreover, they dramatically cut energy costs and CO2 emissions.


Schréder illuminates award winning "Through the walls" light trail in Brussels

04/11/2013, Projektek | Vállalati hírek

This innovative light trail throughout the Saint Jacques area in Brussels invites passers-by to admire the architecture by looking at every day images projected on the facades. Developed to boost local business, the project has won 2 awards this year!


Visit us on stand 19 at PLDC 2013 in Copenhagen

28/10/2013, Rendezvények

Schréder is pleased to support this bi-annual event once again and welcome the participants on our stand. Discover firsthand our new SCULPCollection and chat with our illumination experts to help achieve your visionary ideas to transform public spaces!


Energy efficient lighting solution ensures comfort and safety for Sesimbra seafront in Portugal

18/09/2013, LED | Projektek

A new LED lighting scheme with a remote management system for this popular tourist destination is generating energy savings of 74% while ensuring a warm and welcoming environment for all visitors.


LED lighting solution helps turn Town Quay Bridge into a local landmark

23/08/2013, LED | Projektek

Schréder provided a clever LED handrail solution to light this 90m long bridge in Devon. The lighting scheme had to provide a safe crossing for cyclists and pedestrians and accentuate the bridge with zero light spill for bats living nearby.


Energy savings and safety for urban development in São Domingos de Rana in Portugal

07/08/2013, LED | Projektek

Teceo provides a clear sense of well-being and safety for users while generating energy savings of 54% compared to a luminaire equipped with traditional discharge lamps for a multi-purpose thoroughfare in Portugal.


Energy efficient lighting solution brings a new lease of life to Wavre town centre

30/09/2014, LED | Projektek

The Valentino LED was chosen to revive Wavre town centre. The lighting was no longer providing the necessary levels and the local authorities wanted to create a safe and convivial environment whilst ensuring energy savings were a key priority.


The Teceo lights Strijp-S, an urban laboratory for public lighting of the future

10/09/2014, LED | Projektek

Strijp-S is an old industrial site that the city of Eindhoven converted into a creative city to inspire urban life. Designed to pave the way in public lighting innovations, it was only natural that the Teceo was chosen to light this contemporary campus.


ModulLum LED creates warm nocturnal ambiance for Alcácer do Sal riverfront with significant energy savings of 80%!

04/08/2014, LED | Projektek

The ModulLum LED transformed the riverfront of this popular Portuguese tourist destination by providing a safe, warm and welcoming nocturnal landscape while dramatically reducing the city’s energy costs and environmental footprint. A winning solution!


Schréder lights first 100% LED motorway tunnel in North America

18/07/2014, LED | Projektek

Carlin Tunnel, Nevada, is the first motorway rated speed tunnel in the USA to be fully lit by LEDs. The new lighting by Schréder significantly cuts energy consumption and the number of fixtures, from 1,253 to approximately 789 while improving visibility.


Sabadell, Smart City reduces its energy consumption with innovative lighting solution

26/06/2014, LED | Projektek

A 2013 Smart City World Award finalist, Sabadell chose Schréder to improve the city’s sustainability by converting over 7,500 luminaires (29% public lighting) to LED technology to deliver better lighting while reducing energy and maintenance costs.


Schréder, partner for lighting the 2014 FIFA World Cup Stadia in Brazil

13/05/2014, LED | Projektek | Vállalati hírek

Schréder is proud to have provided complete lighting solutions to welcome players and spectators to the stadia hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup in a safe and fun atmosphere.


Discover Schréder's Smart LED Lighting Solutions for your environments with a fast payback at Light+Building 2014

27/03/2014, Rendezvények | Vállalati hírek

Schréder will transform its stand into a campus to showcase a variety of its complete smart LED solutions to satisfy needs in intelligent lighting, street furniture and beyond for any landscape with a short payback time. Learn more in Hall 5, Stand B46A!


Schréder provides India’s first intelligent street lighting scheme for Cyber Park in Kozhikode

18/03/2014, LED | Projektek

Inaugurated in February, this business park aims to promote and develop IT and ITES industries in the area. Designed to be a sustainable campus, it integrates the latest lighting technology to reduce energy costs and the environmental footprint.



22/04/2015, Projektek

Schréder supplied the Owlet Nightshift system for the 2nd phase of the city’s LED Smart Streetlight program. By converting 18,127 HID fixtures to LED luminaires fitted with the LuCo-PD, the city will reduce its energy costs and CO2 emissions by 47%.


Schréder illuminates the majestic Palacio de las Cortes in Madrid with a sustainable lighting solution

06/03/2015, LED | Projektek

This new lighting scheme has transformed the prestigious Palacio de las Cortes into a remarkable landmark to enhance the landscape of the Spanish capital whilst strengthening the city’s identity with generous energy savings of 75%.


Schréder provides an intelligent lighting solution for the pilot “Smart Street of Tomorrow”

25/02/2015, Innováció | LED | Vállalati hírek

In 2014, Schréder with the city of Vilvoorde, Eandis and the Living Tomorrow Group launched a project to demonstrate smart lighting for the future. The goal was to implement the latest technologies to minimise energy consumption and guarantee safety.


The Bora transforms the nocturnal landscape of Rivedoux on Ré Island with a highly original and energy efficient lighting solution

03/02/2016, LED | Projektek

The aesthetic Bora bollard enhances the landscape with its unique design and combination of white and blue LEDs. Fitted with a detection system, the bollards provide a welcoming and reassuring environment at all times with little energy consumption.


Schréder provides energy efficient and robust LED lighting solution for Anglo American Coal Dragline Excavator

08/12/2015, LED | Projektek

Due to the machine’s excessive vibrations and the fact that it is continuously operational, this lighting project required a solution with easy maintenance and long maintenance intervals. The OMNIstar offered the ideal solution.


Schréder provides an intelligent LED lighting solution to combine safety for visitors and respect for the natural environment

06/07/2015, LED | Projektek

The city of Tessenderlo in Belgium chose a Schréder LED lighting solution incorporating detections sensors to light the Gerhagen natural domain. The light only works when visitors are present to preserve the local fauna whilst ensuring safety.


Schréder delivers 10,000 energy efficient LED luminaires to the City of Paris as part of its Climate and Energy Action Plan

07/04/2016, LED | Projektek

To help the City of Paris achieve its objective of reducing energy consumption for public lighting by 30% by 2020, Schréder is supplying 10,000 Citea NG luminaires that integrate the latest technology to meet the city’s strict criteria.


Light+Building 2016: 6 inspiring days on transforming lighting infrastructure to create your connected environments

23/03/2016, LED | Rendezvények | Vállalati hírek

Schréder, Your Partner Beyond Light, was thrilled to welcome so many visitors. Delighted to discover our innovative solutions, we discussed how, together, we can transform environments into more attractive, safer, sustainable and connected spaces.


Discover how Schréder, Your Partner Beyond Light, is driving innovation, to connect your world at Light+Building 2016

04/03/2016, Rendezvények | Vállalati hírek

Schréder is showcasing its solutions that propose connectivity, far beyond controlling light. Our solutions will help you create engaging experiences for users of your spaces, while delivering strong operational benefits for you. Visit Hall 5, Stand B46A!




The 6th National Energy Efficiency Forum and Fair is an important event in the lighting industry calender in Turkey. It was the ideal opportunity for Schréder to present its LED lighting solutions and control systems.


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