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The SKILL wins the Liege Urbanism Prize 2011 for the non-residential category!

19/12/2011, Vállalati hírek

The SKILL, Schréder’s training centre in Liege won this prestigious prize for its contemporary design and perfect integration into the environment.


Hodmezovasarhely - reducing energy costs and ecological footprint

16/12/2011, LED | Projektek

The European Agenda 2020 on climate change targets a 20% decrease in CO2 emissions in comparison with 1990. Hódmezővásárhely is already setting the example by implementing new LED technology to light its streets in an efficient and sustainable manner.


Arraiolos wins first prize in Auroralia 2011 Award

11/12/2011, Rendezvények | Vállalati hírek

Arraiolos, Nivelles and St. Helens are the 3 winners of the Auroralia 2011 Award. Announced on 8th December at a prize ceremony in Lyon, the projects were praised for their minimal environmental impact, exemplary character and socio-economic relevance.


Schreder's Urban Lighting Seminar was an illuminating success

04/11/2011, Rendezvények | Vállalati hírek

From 17th to 19th October, Schréder organised its yearly Urban Lighting Seminar at the SKILL in Liege. This year’s event was enlightened by the presence of 2 well known lighting designers, Isabelle Corten and Peter Gasper.


Schreder, silver sponsor of PLDC 2011 in Madrid

28/10/2011, Rendezvények | Vállalati hírek

Madrid was the setting for the 2011 Professional Lighting Design Convention which was held from 19th to 22nd October. Schréder was delighted to support this bi-annual event and to welcome the participants on our stand.


Schréder lights Pachacamac

24/10/2011, LED | Projektek

Within the framework of the Peruvian National Promotional Plan of Tourist Circuits, Schréder was entrusted with the task of creating a striking nocturnal ambiance for the extremely popular Pachacamac Sanctuary and Archaeological Complex.


An LED exclusive: historic centre of Arraiolos lit by LED luminaires

29/09/2011, LED | Projektek

When the local authorities decided to renew the lighting of its historic centre, it opted for LED technology for an efficient, sustainable and intelligent solution. Schréder accompanied this village every step of the way with this innovative scheme.


Schréder lights Ponte Della Musica in Rome

01/08/2011, Projektek

The city of Rome has added yet another architectural masterpiece to its famous collection: the Ponte Della Musica. Inaugurated on 31st May 2011, this modern structure is lit by the elegant Hestia and Neos luminaires.


Reims tramway brought to life

18/07/2011, Projektek

The city of Reims inaugurated its new tramway in April this year. Schréder, through Comatelec, the Group member company in France, provided nearly 1,500 luminaires to light this 11km long track and surrounding landscapes.


Senso provides energy savings for Iserlohn, Germany

28/06/2011, LED | Projektek

The city of Iserlohn recently installed a pilot lighting scheme with the Senso luminaire to assess LED and remote management technology. The results: 27% energy savings, reduced CO2 emissions and improved comfort and security for users.

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