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A Fizika Mindenkié 4.0

04/03/2018, Rendezvények

Immáron negyedik alkalommal támogatjuk A Fizika Mindenkié 4.0 rendezvénysorozatot.


Legyen világosság - Sajtóközlemény

04/03/2018, Vállalati hírek

Budapest, 2018. március 1. - A sajtóban az utóbbi hetekben megjelent találgatásokra és félinformációkra reagálva, a Tungsram-Schréder a következőkről kívánja tájékoztatni a média képviselőit és a lakosságot:


Light + Building 2018

04/03/2018, Rendezvények | Termékek | Vállalati hírek

2018 márciusában nyitja meg kapuit a legnagyobb világítástechnikai szakkiállítás a Light+Building. Látogasson meg bennünket az 5-ös csarnok B46A standján, és tekintse meg újdonságainkat!


Meet Schréder at Smart City Expo 2017 to discover solutions that will enable you to create safer, sustainable and connected cities

02/11/2017, Rendezvények | Vállalati hírek

Smart City Expo is the world’s largest smart city trade fair and will take place in Barcelona from 14th to 16th November. It is the ideal opportunity for Schréder to showcase its technology that enables cities to transform its infrastructure to achieve a sustainable society where economic and environmental needs are addressed in a balanced way. Meet us on stand F646.


Visit us on stand S09 at PLDC 2017 in Paris

19/09/2017, Rendezvények | Vállalati hírek

Schréder is pleased to support this bi-annual event once again and welcome the participants on our stand. Discover firsthand our new ILUM range and chat with our experts on how you can use light and smart technologies to unleash your ideas and transform public spaces.


Schréder delivers a unique LED lighting solution for Kilkenny’s new bridge while preserving the local landscape

12/09/2017, LED | Projektek

The St. Francis Bridge was inaugurated in May 2017 to alleviate traffic in this popular tourist destination. As the local authorities did not want to install any lighting columns on the bridge to protect the local environment, Schréder took up the challenge to provide a sustainable lighting solution that would ensure safety for all at night.


Shuffle creates the first smart environment in Budapest to celebrate the FINA World Aquatics Championships 2017

26/07/2017, LED | Projektek | Rendezvények

The Shuffle ensures a safe and enjoyable passage for all the athletes and spectactors making their way to the main venue as it not only lights the way but also provides free WiFi. By choosing the Shuffle, the city of Budapest is showing how it can leverage technology to turn its smart city ambitions into reality.


Schréder wins smart city award!

16/05/2017, Rendezvények | Vállalati hírek

Schréder, in partnership with Atkins Global, has won the first design competition in The City Centre’s A Smarter City competition. The aim of the competition was to highlight the potential benefits of implementing smart technologies in London’s Square Mile.

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