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Owlet smart solutions

Owlet is the range of smart control solutions offered by the Schréder Group that enable cities to reduce their energy bills by up to 85%.

Owlet smart solutions

Smart control for efficient lighting

Do you want to:

  • Operate a lighting network that adapts to the needs of the space being lit? 
  • Gain real-time insights to improve the efficiency of your lighting network?
  • Manage precise analytical data to make the right decisions?
  • Create an intelligent network infrastructure that interacts with IoT devices?

OWLET is the ideal tool to help you achieve yout Smart City Vision!

Whether you are in charge of a city, transport infrastructure, a private venue or industrial facilities, you need a network infrastructure that optimises the workflow and costs.

Schréder offers a variety of control solutions to deliver operational benefits for managers while creating engaging experiences for users:

  Stand-alone solutions
  Owlet autonomous network
  Owlet Nightshift interoperable network
  Owlet IoT interoperable network
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